Vol 4 No. 1

1. A Study on Rumen Enzymes of Camel (Camelus dromedaries) Maintained on Different Diets
Rakesh Poonia, Aakash Srivastava, Suchitra Sena and Meera Srivastava|Pages: 1-9|Download article|

2. Isolation and Characterization of Nitrifying Bacteria from the Rhizospere  Soil of Bt and NBt Cotton Cultivating Fields
P. Siva Raagini and T. Sujatha| Pages: 10-18|Download article|

3. Screening and Identification of  Azodye  (Reactive Red  RB) Degrading Bacteria
Madhuri T., Lakshmi Kalyani B., Indrani Vulasi., Lizy Sravanthi P. and Suvarnalatha Devi P| Pages: 19-23Download article|

4. Contribution of Traditional Farmers for Medicinal Plant Conservation  on  the Farming Site in Gozamin District, Amhara Region, Ethiopia.
Haimanot Reta, Zemede Asfaw and Ensermu Kelbessa| Pages: 24-35|Download article|

 5. Study on Biochemical Constituents of Sclerotium rolfsii -A Causal Agent of Stem Rot of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Saraswathi Maddu and Jaya Madhuri Ravuri| Pages: 36-40|Download article|

 6. A Conservation Study of Natural Fish Resources under Adverse Aquatic Conditions in India
Digvijay Singh Teotia, Kaberi Sharma, Bhanu Pratap Singh, Suman Bhatnagar and Anchal Sharma| Pages: 41-43|Download article|

7. Effect  of  Cartap Hydrochloride  on Amylase  and  Cellulase Enzyme Activities  in Agricultural Soil
P. Lizy Sravanthi , T.  Madhuri, D. Subramanyamand P. Suvarnalatha Devi|Pages:44-47|Download article|