Vol 5 No 1 International Journal of Environmental Sciences

A Study of Physicochemical Parameters, Zooplankton and Macro-invertebrate Compositions and Abundances as Water Quality Indicator in Selameko Manmade Reservoir, Debre Tabor, South Gondar, Ethiopia.
Tilahun Adugna   and  Ayalew Wondie| Pages: 1-10|Download article|

Framework for Strategic Environmental Assessment in Context of Hydropower Development in the Indian Himalayan Region
Mahendra S. Lodhi, J.C. Kuniyal, D.K. Agrawal and K.S. Kanwal|Pages: 11-23|Download article|

Evaluation of Certain Physical parameters of Ground water in Lingasugur Taluk, Raichur District, Karnataka, India
Shwetha.B, Puttaiah.E.T and Ananth Nag B|Pages: 24-27|Download article|

Ecology of Lake Bardawil: A Preliminary Review
Noor El Deen A. I. E., Eissa, I. A. M.., Mehana S F., El-Sayed A. B  and Mona S. Zaki|Pages: 28-31|Download article|

A Case study on Medicinal Plants-An Integral part of Goan rituals of Goa, India
Lata Satyawan Naik, Puttaiah.E.T and Ananth Nag B|Pages: 32-38|Download article|

Characterization of certain Physico-chemical parameters of Textile Waste Water
Pavithra M and Hina Kousar|Pages: 39-41|Download article|

 Air Pollutant Emissions, Bird Strike and Noise levels in Small Airports: A Case of Eros Airport,Namibia.
Nnenesi A. Kgabi & Liina Mutilifa| Pages: 42-51|Download article|

Safety Evaluation of Oil Polluted Soil by Phytoremediation
Amusat, M.A., Eneh, K. C and Mohammed, F.A| Pages: 52-57|Download article|

Progress in addressing Millennium Development Goal 7; The Case of Malindza, A Semi-arid Rural area in Swaziland
Manyatsi, Absalom Mganu, Vilane, Bruce Roy Thulane, and Mavuso, Siboniso|Pages: 58-64|Download article|