Vol 5 No 1 International Journal of Life Sciences

Preliminary Photochemical Screening and Antimicrobial activities of Plant extract of Solanum indicum  Linn.
Tanu Mendiratta, Anshulika Upadhyaya, Mahendra Singh and Kamal K Pande| Pages: 1-5|Download article|

Habitat wise Assessment of Alpine vegetation and prioritization of communities for conservation in a part of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve of West Himalaya, India-I
S.C. Arya and S.S. Samant|Pages: 6-19|Download article|

The Use of Lateral Flow Technique (Rapid Kit Test) in the Determination
of Prevalence of Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) in Cattle from Two Abattoirs
in Abuja, Nigeria
Mairo Gujiba Kachalla, Mohammed Bello, Ayi Vandi Kwaghe,Patrick Nguku|Pages: 20-26|Download article|

Piscicidal and Fish Stupefying Plants used by Tribal people living around Panchakot hills, Purulia, West Bengal, India.
Subrata Raha and Harasourav Mallick|Pages: 27-30|Download article|

 Determination of some Physical properties of African Star Apple seeds (Chrysophyllum albidum)
Opadotun, O.O, Adejumo, O.A,  Olotu, F.B and Mohammed, F.A.|Pages: 31-34|Download article|

Development and Evaluation of NCAM Fish Smoking Kiln
Abiodun L.O., Olubo S.A., Oladipo N.O., Bello M.K and Bamidele B.L|Pages: 35-38|Download article|

 Euphorbiaceous Plant Formulations vis-a-vis Rate of development of the Bruchid Callosobruchus chinensis Linn.
Hina Kosar and Meera Srivastava| Pages: 39-49|Download article|

Assessment of Postharvest Losses of Rice at Different stages of Operation
M.A. Amusat, C.K Eneh and S.C Obiakor|Pages: 50-53|Download article|

 Office Hysteroscopy: A new Modality for Diagnosis of Intrauterine Abnormalities in Infertile Women
Alaa Hamed Elarshal|Download article|