International Journal of Social Sciences Arts & Humanities
Vol 7 Issue 2; ISSN: 2321-4147; Peer Reviewed Journal

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Anil Tyagi

Issues and Challenges of Higher Education in India: With Special Reference to Mizoram
Author: Thokchom Budha Singh
Higher education, Access, Equity, Quality, Gross Enrolment Ratio
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Investment Trends of Working Women in Kachchh District; Gujarat India
Author: Kiritsihn Chauhan
Investment, Working Women, Kachchh
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Women Empowerment in the 21st Century in India: Prospects and Challenges
Author: Masud Alam Sarkar
Women Empowerment, Historical Background, Education, Challenges, Issues, Gender Discrimination, Constitutional Provision Govt. Initiatives.

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Speedy Justice in India in View of Delays- An Analytical Study
Author: Anjali Sarathe
Judiciary, Disposition, Trepidation, Attributable

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An Evaluation of the Social and Economic Aspects of Higher Education Policies in the UAE in the 21st Century: Selected Public and Private Universities as Case Studies 
Author: Noura AlKaabi
Evaluation, Social, Economic, Higher Education, UAE, Public, Private

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Toward the Development of Higher Educational Policies in the UAE in the Era of Globalization: Abu-Dhabi University as a Model 
Author: Jassim AlQahtani
Development, Education, Policies, Globalization, Abu Dhabi, Model

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