International Journal of Research in Engineering and Management
Vol 4 Issue 3; ISSN: 2456-1029; Editor-in-Chief: Er. Ramesh Singh

Forces Distribution in Space Truss Grid Structures

Authors: Reham Milad, Ahmed Ebid, Mohamed Korashy, Said Youssef Abo El Haggag
Space truss; long span Structure; Jointing systems

Pages: 107-112; Download Pdf

Numerical Evaluation of Mono-symmetric Steel-concrete Composite section provided with Angle and Channel Shear Connectors.

Authors: Ahmed Kamar, Mahmoud Lasheen, Amr Shaat, Amr zaher, Ayman Khalil
Finite element, experimental, mono-symmetric composite beam, effective width, shape of shear connectors.

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Impact of Corona virus on Personal Finance and Economic Situation in India: An Exploratory Study

Authors: Kirit Chauhan
Covid -19, corona virus, personal finance, Economic situation ,biological warfare

Pages: 131-134; Download Pdf

Experimental Test on Steel Hollow Sections Filled with Sand and Epoxy Materials

Authors: Mahmoud M. Marzuk, Tamer H. Radwan
Sand and Epoxy Resin Mixes, Composite Columns, Steel Tube Columns, Local Buckling.

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An Assessment of the Effect of Service Quality (SQ) on Customer Satisfaction (CS) in Mobile Service Delivery: A Case of Airtel Zambia.

Author: Daniel K Tembo 
SERVQUAL Model, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Perception, Dimensions.

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