Global Journal of Current Research
          Vol 9 Issue 2; ISSN: 2320–2920; COSMOS Impact Factor: 3.62
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Pananjay Kartikey Tiwari

Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Biodiversity| Opinion and Report Category|
Coronavirus, Biodiversity, Impact, Global, Effects

Author: Dr Khichi Yogesh
Pages: 26-29|Download Pdf|

Elderly’s living arrangements and its impact on Quality of Life| Full Length Paper|
Keywords: Living arrangements, Quality of Life and Socio-economic status
Authors: Dr. Anuradha Mahapatra1 and Dr. Pushpa B. Khadi
Pages: 30-36|Download Pdf|

Confronting Linguistic and Cultural Complications in the Translation of Selected Emirati Fictional Texts: New Perspective| Review Paper|
Keywords: Linguistic, Cultural Complications, Translation, Emirati, Fictional
Author: Aysha Hamad Al Dhaheri
Pages: 37-41| Download Pdf|

A Review of Disaster and Development Interface: Performance of Critical Infrastructure during Kerala Floods (2018) | Review Paper|
Key words: Disaster, Development, Infrastructure, Kerala Flood
Authors: Amir Ali Khan, Safia Khatoon and Sana Rafi
42-52| Download Pdf|
DOI: 13140/RG.2.2.19306.59841