International Journal of Social Sciences Arts & Humanities
Vol 9 Issue 2; ISSN: 2321-4147; COSMOS Impact Factor: 3.625

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Anil Tyagi

Predictors of Mental Health among Adolescents 

Authors: Dr. Ruchi Dubey and Dr. Vidhu Shekhar Pandey
Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence, Academic Anxiety, Family Environment

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The Multiple Roles of Translation in the 21ST Century: The UAE National Library and Archives Project (Translations) as a Model

Author: Professor/Dr. Saddik Gohar
National Library and Archives; Translations project- inter-civilizational dialogue; the culture of tolerance; cultural hybridity; promoting local heritage
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Impact of Marital Satisfaction and its correlates on Quality of Life of Elderly

 Author: Dr. Anuradha Mahapatra
Marital satisfaction, Quality of Life, age, gender and Socio-economic status

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