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Category: Science Journals
International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences ISSN: 2277-1921 SJ Impact Factor (2015): 5.42 Publication Charges:

USD 100/Rs. 2250

International Journal of Life Sciences ISSN: 2277-193x SJ Impact Factor (2015): 5.791 Publication Charges:

USD 100/Rs. 2250

International Journal of Environmental Sciences ISSN: 2277-1948 SJ Impact Factor (2015): 5.416 Publication Charges:

USD 100/Rs. 2250

Category: Arts and Humanities Journal
International Journal of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities ISSN: 2321-4147 SJ Impact Factor (2014): 2.996 Publication Charges:

USD 95/Rs. 2250

Category: Current Science Journal
Global Journal of Current Research ISSN: 2320-2920 SJ Impact Factor (2014): 2.912 Publication Charges:

USD 100/Rs. 2150

Category: Engineering Journal Vol 1 No 1*
International Journal of Engineering and Management ISSN: 2456-1029 SJ Impact Factor (2015): Awaiting Publication Charges:

USD 125/Rs. 2150


Pages 50-55

Thermal Effect Due to Induced Field of Broadcasting Radiation
Hemendra Tripathi and P.P. PathakDownload pdf

Pages 26-39

Landslide Hazard Zonation using Remote Sensing and GIS: A Case Study of Giri Valley, District Sirmaur Himachal Pradesh
R.S. Negi1, M.K. Parmar1, Zubair A. Malik2 and Madhuri Godiyal3 |Pages: 26-39 | Download Now

Pages 68-76

Biological characterization of sandy soils Irrigated with sewage effluent for extended periods
Saber, M., Azza, SH. Turky, Fatma, H*. Abd-El-Zaher and Dalia, M. Abd-El-Mowla | Pages 68-76 | Download PDF

Pages – 61-67

Tectonic significance of the area west of Kodaikanal (South India): Applying remote sensing and GIS techniques
D. Prakash*, C. K. Singh, U. K. Shukla, P. Chandra Singh and Deepak | Pages – 61-67 | Download PDF

Pages – 54-60

Impact of Human Activities on Ground Water Forests of Arba Minch: A Case Study from Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia
Aramde Fetene1, Tsegaye Bekele2 & GBG. Pananjay K Tiwari1*|Pages – 54-60 | Download PDF

Pages – 46-53

Development of a Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction Method for Specific Detection of Genetically Modified Cotton Events MON 531 and MON 15985
Vijaya Kumar Pidugu, Ranjith Kumar, Sagar Pothula, Deepa Narra and Varsha Srivatsava* | Pages – 46-53 | Download PDF

Pages – 39-45

A Computer Programme for Estimation of Pressure Conditions in Metamorphic Rocks: Thermodynamic Basis and Uncertainties
S. N. Lal1, D. Prakash2 and S. B. Dwivedi3 | Pages – 39-45 | Download PDF

Pages – 28-38

Species diversity and Environmental Regeneration potential of Tree species along an Altitudinal gradient in Subtropical Montane forests of a part in Central Himalaya, India
GBG Pananjay K. Tiwari* & S.C Tiwari |Pages – 28-38 | Download PDF

Pages – 22-27

Reverse phase HPLC for the detection of flavonoids in the ethanolic extract of Coriandrum sativum L. seeds
Rajeshwari CU and Andallu B | Pages – 22-27 | Download PDF

Pages – 12-21

Hydrogeophysical Mapping of Oke-Badan Estate, Ibadan, SW Nigeria
Makinde V1, Coker J.O2 and  Oyedele K.F3* |  Pages – 12-21 | Download PDF

Pages – 1-11

A GIS-based Model for Desertification Sensitivity Assessment Case study: Inland Sinai and Eastern Desert Wadies
Shalaby Adel1*, Ali, R.R2 and Abdalla Gad3 | Pages – 1-11 | Download PDF

Pages – 8-15

Evaluation of different potato variety and fungicide combinations for the management of potato late blight (Phytophthora infestans) in Southern Ethiopia
Habtamu Kefelegn1, Alemayehu Chala2, Bekele Kassa3 and GBG Pananjay K. Tiwari4 | Pages – 8-15 | Download PDF

Pages 1-7

Efficacy of Mint (Mentha spicata l.) leaves in combating oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes
Rajeshwari Ullagaddi* ,  Preeti Mahendrakar  and  Andallu Bondada | Pages – 1-7 | Download PDF

Pages – 19-25

The Contribution of Ecotourism for Sustainable Livelihood Development in the Nech Sar National Park, Ethiopia
Aramde Fetene1, Tsegaye Bekele2 and GBG. Pananjay K Tiwari1 | Pages – 19-25 | Downlad PDF

Pages 11-18

Detecting Soil Productivity Changes and Degradation Processes in the Irrigated Agriculture East of the Nile Delta, Egypt
Rafat Ramadan Ali1* and Wael Ahmed Abd El Kawy2   | Pages: 11-18 | Downlad PDF

Pages 1-10

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) Assisted Phytoextraction of the metals; Cu, Cd, Cr, Ni and Zn by crowfoot grass (Dactyloctinium aegyptium).
Garba*, S. T3*, 1Santuraki, A. H1, Barminas, J. T2 and  Kamai, N3. | Pages: 1-10 | Downlad PDF