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Vol 4 Issue 2 Global Journal of Current Research

Development of a Manually Operated Double Pole Dewatering Press
 M.K. Bello, N.O. Oladipo, C.A. Adamade and Adewumi A.A.|Pages: 10-13|Download article|


Vol 5 No 1 International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

Diversity and Distribution of Coccinellidae (Coleoptera) in Ankalga Village (Gulbarga District) Karnataka, India
Sulochana Ankalgi and Murali Jadesh|Pages: 1-5|Download article||

Comparative Analysis of Nutritional Values of Tomatoes Subjected to Different Drying Conditions
Opadotun, O.O, Adekeye, S.A, Ojukwu, E.O, and Adewumi, A.A.|Pages: 6-9|Download article|

Development of NCAM Reciprocating Cassava Mash Sifter
Abiodun L.O., Oladipo N.O and Bamidele B.L|Pages: 10-13|Download article|

 P-T Estimates of Pelitic schists and Gneisses around Mangpu, Darjeeling district, West Bengal, India
Suparna Tewari|Pages: 14-18|Download article|




Vol 5 No 1 International Journal of Life Sciences

Preliminary Photochemical Screening and Antimicrobial activities of Plant extract of Solanum indicum  Linn.
Tanu Mendiratta, Anshulika Upadhyaya, Mahendra Singh and Kamal K Pande| Pages: 1-5|Download article|

Habitat wise Assessment of Alpine vegetation and prioritization of communities for conservation in a part of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve of West Himalaya, India-I
S.C. Arya and S.S. Samant|Pages: 6-19|Download article|

The Use of Lateral Flow Technique (Rapid Kit Test) in the Determination
of Prevalence of Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) in Cattle from Two Abattoirs
in Abuja, Nigeria
Mairo Gujiba Kachalla, Mohammed Bello, Ayi Vandi Kwaghe,Patrick Nguku|Pages: 20-26|Download article|

Piscicidal and Fish Stupefying Plants used by Tribal people living around Panchakot hills, Purulia, West Bengal, India.
Subrata Raha and Harasourav Mallick|Pages: 27-30|Download article|

 Determination of some Physical properties of African Star Apple seeds (Chrysophyllum albidum)
Opadotun, O.O, Adejumo, O.A,  Olotu, F.B and Mohammed, F.A.|Pages: 31-34|Download article|

Development and Evaluation of NCAM Fish Smoking Kiln
Abiodun L.O., Olubo S.A., Oladipo N.O., Bello M.K and Bamidele B.L|Pages: 35-38|Download article|

 Euphorbiaceous Plant Formulations vis-a-vis Rate of development of the Bruchid Callosobruchus chinensis Linn.
Hina Kosar and Meera Srivastava| Pages: 39-49|Download article|

Assessment of Postharvest Losses of Rice at Different stages of Operation
M.A. Amusat, C.K Eneh and S.C Obiakor|Pages: 50-53|Download article|

 Office Hysteroscopy: A new Modality for Diagnosis of Intrauterine Abnormalities in Infertile Women
Alaa Hamed Elarshal|Download article|



Vol 5 No 1 International Journal of Environmental Sciences

A Study of Physicochemical Parameters, Zooplankton and Macro-invertebrate Compositions and Abundances as Water Quality Indicator in Selameko Manmade Reservoir, Debre Tabor, South Gondar, Ethiopia.
Tilahun Adugna   and  Ayalew Wondie| Pages: 1-10|Download article|

Framework for Strategic Environmental Assessment in Context of Hydropower Development in the Indian Himalayan Region
Mahendra S. Lodhi, J.C. Kuniyal, D.K. Agrawal and K.S. Kanwal|Pages: 11-23|Download article|

Evaluation of Certain Physical parameters of Ground water in Lingasugur Taluk, Raichur District, Karnataka, India
Shwetha.B, Puttaiah.E.T and Ananth Nag B|Pages: 24-27|Download article|

Ecology of Lake Bardawil: A Preliminary Review
Noor El Deen A. I. E., Eissa, I. A. M.., Mehana S F., El-Sayed A. B  and Mona S. Zaki|Pages: 28-31|Download article|

A Case study on Medicinal Plants-An Integral part of Goan rituals of Goa, India
Lata Satyawan Naik, Puttaiah.E.T and Ananth Nag B|Pages: 32-38|Download article|

Characterization of certain Physico-chemical parameters of Textile Waste Water
Pavithra M and Hina Kousar|Pages: 39-41|Download article|

 Air Pollutant Emissions, Bird Strike and Noise levels in Small Airports: A Case of Eros Airport,Namibia.
Nnenesi A. Kgabi & Liina Mutilifa| Pages: 42-51|Download article|

Safety Evaluation of Oil Polluted Soil by Phytoremediation
Amusat, M.A., Eneh, K. C and Mohammed, F.A| Pages: 52-57|Download article|

Progress in addressing Millennium Development Goal 7; The Case of Malindza, A Semi-arid Rural area in Swaziland
Manyatsi, Absalom Mganu, Vilane, Bruce Roy Thulane, and Mavuso, Siboniso|Pages: 58-64|Download article|






International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
Vol 4 Issue 4 

An Assessment of Financial Reporting System: The Case of Selected Multi-Purpose Agricultural primary  Cooperatives in  Toke Kutaye District, West Shawa Zone of Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia.
O. Chandra Sekhara Reddy, V.Natarajan and  K.Vasudeva Rao|Pages: 183-193|Download article|

Capital Mobilization Practices of Ambo Farmers’ Cooperative Union’s Affiliated to Multipurpose Cooperative Societies: A Case of West Shewa Zone,  Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia.
 V.Natarajan, Chandra Sekhara Reddy and K.Vasudeva Rao|Pages: 194-205|Download article|

Phytochemical Screening  Chromatographic Profiling and Pharmacognostic Analysis on Leaves of Lantana camara Linn.
Egharevba Henry Omoregie, Ibrahim Jemilat Aliyu, Ebere Uchechukwu Doris, Ugbabe Grace and Wudil Muazzam Ibrahim| Pages: 206-211|Download article|

A Study on Verbal Creativity in Relation to Freedom of Students
Ashis Kumar Debnath and Deb Prasad Sikdar|Pages: 212-216|Download article|

Velocity and Acceleration in Rotational Prolate Spheroidal Coordinates
Omonile J.F, Alhassan M.O, Koffa D.J and Howusu S.X.K|Pages: 217-220|Download article|

 Tropical Fruit Tree Genetic Resources in Coffee-based Landscapes of Kodagu: Diversity and On-farm Conservation.
Charana Kumar., Jadeyegowda M., Ramesh M N., Vasudeva R., and Ashwath M. N|Pages: 221-225|Download article|

 Phytochemistry, Pharmacognostic and HPLC profiling of Methanolic Extract of Fruits of Ficus polita Vahl
Egharevba Henry Omoregie, Ibrahim  Jemilat Aliyu, Okhale Samuel Ehiabhi, Wudil Muazzam Ibrahim and Kunle Oluyemisi Folashade|Pages: 225-228|Download article|

Effect of Irrigation Application Levels on Yield and Water Productivity of Drip Irrigated Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.), Gedio Zone, Southern Ethiopia.
Mandefro Chala, Kokobe W/Yohannes|Pages: 229-234|Download article|

 Processing and Shelf-life Assessment of Mixed-fruit Juice from Pineapple (Ananas comosus) Orange (Citrus sinensis) Paw-Paw (Carica papaya) and Guava (Psidium guajava)
 Uzoukwu A.1;  Ubbaonu C.1;  *Okafor D. C.1 Nweze C.C. 2; Nwosu J. C.3; and Nweje N. O|Pages: 235-242|Download article|

 Conservative Treatment versus Early Ureteroscopy in Obstructing Lower Ureteric Stone 6-10 mm:  Multicenter Prospective Randomized Study
Mohamed Naguib1, Ahmed Ragab1, M. Ali1, K. Abdelwahab 1, Amr Fawzy1,A sakr1 ,A Eliewa,1 Esam Shalaby2,Mamdouh M ELHawy3, D.Elsaid1,H.Desouky1, M.Seleem1 ,M Kamel1, E. Desouky1, M.Omran1,H.Elgalaly1, E.Salem1, ,T. Dawod1 M. Teleeb, Lotfy. B and A Shahein1, A. Marouf|Pages: 243-247|Download Pdf|

Associations between Musculoskeletal Pain and Work-related Factors amongst Computer Staff
Rawda M. Elsheikh|Pages: 248-258|Download article|

Comparative Study between Endovenous Laser Ablation and Foam Sclerotherapy in Treatment of Lower Limb Primary Varicose Veins
Al-Metwaly Ragab Ibrahim|Pages: 259-264|Download Pdf|


Vol 4 Issue 4

Problems and Challenges of Household Potable Water Supply: A Case Study of Durbete Town in Amhara National Regional State of Ethiopia
Mulugojam Wondyfraw|Pages: 175-180|Download article|

Emergency Plan Setting for Radiological Release Due to an Accident from a Nuclear Power Plant at the North Coast Using HotSpot Code
I. I. Bashter a, O.S. Ahmed b, E.M. Ahmed a, and M. A. Lasheen|Pages: 181-187|Download article|

Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Composite Nanoparticles and its Efficiency in Photo catalytic degradation of Red HRBL dye in Aqueous Solution by Solar Radiation
 Shilpa G, Yogendra K, Mahadevan K M and Madhusudhana N|Pages: 188-194|Download article|

An Overview of certain Physico-chemical Parameters of Paper Mill Effluent
Dhanushree M S and Hina Kousar|Pages: 195-197|Download article|


Vol 4 Issue 1

Socio – Economic and Environmental Impact of Household Biogas Technology Built in Rural Areas of Yilmana Densa Woreda of West Gojjam in Amhara National Region state, Ethiopia
Mulugojam Wondyfraw|Pages: 1-9|Download article|

Vol 4 Issue 4

Participatory Evaluation of Banana (Musa paradisiaca L var. sapiertum) Production Constraints and Scaling up of Improved Banana Cultivars in Gedeo Zone Southern Ethiopia
Berhanu Tigabu, Melaku Fisseha, Beniam Tilahun and Aberham Kebedom| Pages:197-201|Download article|

Effect of Apium graveolens extract on Rat Liver Mitochondria, Cytosolic and Microsomal Fractions In-Vitro.
Nermien Z. Ahmed and Gouda T.M. Dawoud|Pages: 202-208|Download article|

Analysis of Cassava Value Chain in Ideato South Local Government Area, Imo State, South-East Nigeria.
Henri-Ukoha1, A; Anaeto, F.C2; Chikezie,C1; Ibeagwa, O. B1; Ukoha, I.I1 , I.O. Oshaji1 and Anyiam, K.H|Pages: 209-215|Download article|

 Adaptation Trail of Different Improved Hot Pepper (Capsicum species) Varieties under Gedeo Zone, Dilla, Ethiopia
Melaku Fisseha Teferi, Alemayehu Tilahun Getie, and Lidet Befekadu Telila|Pages: 216-220|Download article|

 Seed Characteristics and Seed Production potential of Oxytenanthera abyssinica in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, Northwestern Ethiopia
Demelash Alem Ayana, Abdella Gure and Kassahun Embaye|Pages: 221-231|Download article|

 Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Yield and Water Productivity of Garlic (Allium Sativum L.) under Drip Irrigation and Mulching at Wolaita Soddo, Ethiopia.
Mandefro Chala and Shoeb Quraishi|Pages: 232-239|Download article|

 Genetically Modified Crops- Perceptions, Concerns, Assessment and Regulations for Food Safety in the Context of Human and Animal Nutrition.
Rama Prasad, J., Suhas Sourie,  J., Ashish Kumar Sharma., Cherukuri, V. R and Chala Merera Erge|Pages: 240-250|Download article|

Flowering and Causes of Seed Defects in Lowland Bamboo (Oxytenanthera abyssinica): A Case Study in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, Northwestern Ethiopia
Demelash Alem Ayana, Abdella Gure, and Kassahun Embaye|Pages:251-259|Download article|

Antimicrobial Activities of a Streptomyces microflavus Isolated From KSA: Taxonomy, Fermentation, Extraction and Biological activities
Houssam M. Atta2 and Ayman M. Yassen|Pages: 260-269|Download article|

 Effect of Replacing Conventional Ration by Cafeteria leftover on Performance of Ross 308 Broiler Chicken
Asmamaw Yinnesu and Dinberu Mamuye|Pages: 270-276|Download article|

HPLC Profiling and Phytochemical Analysis of Fruit Extracts of Guinea pepper – Xylopia aethiopica, (Dunal) A. Richard
Egharevba Henry Omoregie, Shedrach Hubert, and Okhale Samuel Ehiabhi|Pages: 277-282|Download article|

Prevalence and Economic Losses from Bovine Tuberculosis in Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria
Ayi Vandi Kwaghe, Agbo James Ameh, Abdul-Ganiyu Ambali, Ayuba Caleb Kudi and Mairo Gujiba Kachalla| Pages: 283-287|Download article|

Loss Reduction in Electrical Distribution Systems using Artificial Intelligence
A. Mabruok Khafagi, A. Mahmuod Agwa and M. Ibrahim El-Sayed| Pages: 288-295|Download article|

Prevalence, Risk factors and outcomes of Germinal Matrix Intraventricular Hemorrhage in Preterm Babies: A Single Center Study
Ramadan A Mahmoud, Montaser M Mohamed, Hassan M Mohamed, Al-Zahraa E Sharaf, Khaled F Zaki| Pages: 296-304|Download Pdf|

Placenta Accreta Diagnosis and Conservative Management
Waleed AbdEglel Elshekh|Pages: 305-308|Download Pdf|

A Cytomorphological Study of the Atrophic Pap Smear and Its Diagnostic Challenges
Somaia Ahmed Saad Eldin|Pages: 309-315|Download Pdf|

Effectiveness and Limitations of Minimally Invasive Repair of Pectus Excavatum- a 10 years’ Experience
Mohamed Abdel Bary, Ralph A. Schmid and  Morris Beshay|Pages: 316-321|Download Pdf|

Cerebral Microbleeds in Egyptian Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease on Regular Haemodialysis
Mahmoud Haddad Hemida, Arafat Kassem, Wael Osman and Wafik Ebrahim Aly|Pages: 322-332|Download Pdf|

Voice and Oncologic Outcomes following Radiation and Voice Therapy in Cancer Larynx
Megahed Mohamed Hassan, Rafaat A. Bakheet , Mona Elrabie Ahmed| Pages: 333-338|Download Pdf|


Vol 2. No. 3

1. Efficiency Estimates of Indian Commercial Banks – An Empirical Approach
S.Chandra Babu, Vijaya Kumar. Kandunuru, N.Ramesh Kumar and P.Balasidamuni|Pages: 40-52|Download article|

2. Analyzing the  Financial  Performance  of  Co-operatives Union  East  Shoa  Zone Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia
V.Natarajan, O. Chandra Sekhara Reddy and Hiwot Bekele| Pages: 53-59|Download article|

3. Expectant  Mothers and Mothers Awareness  on Newborn Screening  in  the Largest Barangay of Catbalogan City, Philippines.
Rheajane A. Rosales  and Jeanette B. Sabio | Pages: 60-64|Download article|

Discovering Pricing of European Options under Skewed Brownian Motion
Tuhin Mukherjee and Tushar Kanti Dey|Pages: 37-39|Download article|India|

Factors Impede Simultaneous Interpreting Efficiency
Siddig Ahmed Ali|Pages: 30-36|Download article|Saudi Arabia|

Urban Women in Consumerism and Decision making in Banaras: An Analysis
Gyanmala Singh, Manju Singh and Ashok Kumar Sahani|Pages: 25-29|Download article|India|

Rehabilitation of Socially Disadvantaged and Deaf Mute Subject by Yoga
Arvind V Patil|Pages: 21-24|Download article|India|

Universalisation of Elementary Education: The Present Status of the District of Cooch Behar, West Bengal
Prasenjit Deb|Pages: 18-21|Download article|India|

Stress-Induced Problems and their Management in Bank Employees Using Yoga
Arvind V. Patil|Pages: 16-17|Download article|India|

Evaluation of Different Chemical Fungicides and Microbial Antagonists to Control Storage Mycoflora of Pongamia pinnata seeds
Pooja Arya1, Suresh Chandra Tiwari1, Amit Pandey|Pages: 154-163|Download article|

 Macroscopic  Algal  Growths  and  Concomitant Micromycetes in the Agrocenosis of Adjara, Georgia.
O. Shainidze*, G.Beridze, A. Murvanidze and G. Chkhubadze|Pages:164-167|Download article|

 Identification and Comparison of Volatile Constituents of Himalayan Phytofood; Allium auriculatum Kunth and its Antimicrobial Activity
Kamal K. Pande1, Lata Pande2 Anshulika Upadhyaya1 Bharat Pande3 and Atul Pujari|Pages: 168-172| Download article

Enumeration of Angiospermic plants in Pokabandh areas of Bishnupur, Bankura, West Bengal, India
Asish Mandal, Sanju Dutta and Shyamal Kanti Mallick|Pages: 173-177|Download article|

Review on Microbial Xylanases and their Applications
Asish Mandal|Pages: 178-187|Download article|

 Impact of Brewery-Distillery effluent on germination, seedling growth and pigments of Cicer arietinum L. variety GNG1958
Kirti Pandita and Piyush Malaviya|Pages: 188-191|Download article|

 Habitual Green Tea Intake and Effects on Blood Glucose and Blood Lipids of Diabetic Rats
Bede E. N., Mmuoasinam B. C., Kabuo N. O., Peter-Ikechukwu A. I., and Amandikwa C|Pages: 192-196|Download article|


    Global Journal of Current Research
(A Peer Reviewed Quarterly Journal)

          Vol 3 Issue 4; ISSN: 2320–2920 
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Pananjay Kartikey Tiwari
Download Contents

Household Savings and Capital Accumulation in Rural Nigeria: A Focus on Rural Farmers in Kwara State Nigeria
Mohammed, B. T., Nwune, M. P, and Aduba, J. J|Pages: 95-100|Download article|

 Economics of Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) and Tilapia (Tilapia zilli) under Monoculture and Polyculture Production in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria: A Comparative Approach
Onyeagocha, S.U.O1; Henri-Ukoha1, A; Chikezie,C1; Adaka G. S2; E.E. Oladejo3 Uhuegbulam I. J1 and I.O. Oshaji|Pages: 101-105|Download article|

 Assessing  the Knowledge and Practice Regarding  Newborn Care among Postnatal Mother in Nirmala Hospital Suryapet, Telangana, India
Angel Rajakumari.G| Pages: 106-110|Download article|

A Study on Knowledge regarding Menstrual Hygiene among Adolescent School Girls
Angel Rajakumari G|Pages: 111-116|Download article|

Oracle Environment Optimization for Query Optimization using Fuzzy Logic
 Arti Chaudhary and Rajnesh Nirula|Pages: 117-121|Download article|

 Response of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) to Seed Dressing Pesticide and Poultry Manure Rates in the Humid Tropical Environment of Owerri.
Ndulue N.K.,2Harriman J.C., Okoye A.I., Okagbue S.C., Obiekwe N. J., Okafor J.M., Okoye L.E. and 1Omumuabuike J.N.|Pages: 122-127|Download article|

 Role of Panchayati Raj in Rural Development: A Study of Paru block under Muzaffarpur District, Bihar
Upasana Priyadarshini|Pages: 128-131|Download article|

Role of Foreign and Economic Development of Thailand
Phirool Phihakendr| Pages: 132-136| Download article|


The Socio-economic Benefits and Consequences of the Proposed Zungeru Hydro-power Project on the Livelihood of the Dwelling Natives
Ibrahim Haruna Manta|Pages: 102-113|Download article|

Analysis of Dose Distribution for the Gamma Cobalt Irradiation Therapy Unit in Normal and Emergency Conditions
Amaal A. Tawfik, El-Ahdal M. A*, Moustafa Aziz|Pages: 114-117|Download article

 Distribution and Diversity of Intertidal Macrofauna of Bandar Lengeh CoastAn Area in South of Iran
Fozieh Barkhori Mahni ,Alireza Salarzadeh., and Keyvan Ejlali Khanghah|Pages: 118-125|Download article|

Human Development and Wetland Conservation Policy
Fikirte Demissie Tulu  and Mare Addis Desta|Pages: 126-138|Download article|

 Participatory Preparation and Implementation of the Land use Plan- A Case Study from Iran
Hoda Karimipour1, Houshang Jazi2, Abdorrasul Mahini3 and Ali Mohammadi|Pages: 139-143|Download article|

Degradation of Pulp and Paper Mill Industrial Dyes by Indirect Electrochemical Method Using Carbon Electrodes
J. Narayanaa*, Spoorthia, and Prakash Kariyajjanavar|Pages: 144-149|Download article|

Determination of Radioactivity Levels of both Natural and Anthropogenic Radionuclides in Suez Canal
Waleed M. Abdellaha*, Hanan. M. Diaba , Ayman M. Eissab, Wesam N. El Sayedb and Reda M. Abdel-Aal|Pages: 150-157|Download article|

Mapping of Plantation Forest in the Upper Catchment of Addis Ababa
Mare Addis Desta and Fikirte Demissie Tulu|Pages: 158-165|Download article|

Review Paper
Dark Age of Agriculture and Fishing Sectors during Soviet Central Asia: A Brief Review
Ravi Kant Anand| Pages: 166-170|Download article|

Fodder and Fuel Utilization Trends in Village Khatruee (Tarrah), District Jammu (Jammu &Kashmir), India
Puneet Kashap, Shahima Akhter and Piyush Malaviya|Pages: 171-174|Download article|


Modification and Analysis of APIOBPCS Model using Inventory Control Best
Practices for FMCG Sector
Roopa Singh, Anurag Singh, and Ajay Agarwal|Pages: 108-117|Download article|

Supply Chain Optimization Model under Uncertainty
Anurag Singh1*, Roopa Singh2 and S. C. Srivastava|Pages: 118-129|Download article|

 The Challenges of Food Nutrition in Nigeria: A Preliminary Review and the Way Forward
Nwosu, Caesar; Ozumba Isaac C; and Bosa, Stella .O|Pages: 130-134|Download article|

Relationship between Socio-economic Characteristics, Use of Family Planning and Household Food Security among Rural Farmers in Ifelodun Local Government, Kwara State Nigeria
1Nwachukuw C. S., 2Aduba, J. J., and 2Mohammed B. T|Pages: 135-141|Download article|

Effect of Mycoflora on Quantity and Quality of Oil Produced from Pongamia pinnata seeds during Storage
Pooja Arya1, Suresh Chandra Tiwari1 and Amit Pandey|Pages: 142-145|Download article|

 Distribution and Morphodiversity Analysis of Genus Dioscorea from India with special reference to Satpura Hilly Ranges and Western Ghat of Maharashtra State, India.
Prashant Ashokrao Gawande1, Neha V. Nimbhorkar2 and Prashant Vinayakrao Thakare|Pages: 146-150| Dowanload article

Screening of Parameters and Production of Amylases using Aspergillus oryzae by Submerged Fermentation Process
 Subhash Bojja, Mantriah Tota Pedda and Mary Anupama Palukurty|Pages: 151-156|Download article|

Generalized Linear Acceleration and Linear Velocity for a Particle of Non zero Mass in a Static Homogeneous Spherical Distribution of Mass
G.G. Nyam1, S.X. K. Howusu2, M.M. Izam 3, and D. I. Jwanbot|Pages: 157-159|Download article|

Analytical Studies of Plaster Painting and State of Conservation in Red Monastery- The Church of Saints Bishai and Bigol, Sohag, Egypt
Abd Elrehim S. A1, Awad M. A. A.2, and Sleem H. R. A|Pages: 160-168|Download article|

Determination of Activity Concentrations and Annual Effective Doses from Cattle parts in Tin Mining areas of  Jos South and Barkin Ladi Local Government areas of Plateau State, Nigeria
D.I. Jwanbot1, S.C.Abimuku2 ,M.M. Izam3 and G.G.Nyam|Pages: 169-173|Download article

 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of impact of Dengue fever infection among nursing students
Angel Rajakumari.G|Pages: 174-179|Download article|

 Assessment of Environmental Awareness among Rural and Urban Residents in Bishnah, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Shahima Akhter and Piyush Malaviya|Pages: 180-182|Download article|


The Role of Rural Land Registration and Certification Program in Ensuring Tenure Security in Menz Gera Midir District, Amhara State, Ethiopia
Ayele Behaylu1*, Abineh Tilahun2 and Tahir Hussain|Pages: 65-70|Download article|

A Study to Assess the Effect of Sacral Massage on Pain during First Stage of Labour among the Mothers in Government Medical College and Hospital: A Case Study of Tiruvannamalai, India
Jayanthi Gopal1, R. Seela 2, O. Chandra Sekhara Reddy3 and Kota Vasudeva Rao|Pages: 71-75|Download article|

A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Selected Intervention in Reducing Level of Pain Perception among Primi Gravida Mothers
Angel Rajakumari G|Pages: 76-79|Download article|

Effectiveness of Breast Self Examination Practices among Adolescent Girls of Selected Schools in Kodhad Telugana India
Angel Rajakumari G|Pages: 80-84|Download article|

Effectiveness of Structured Education on Florescence Test Colposcopy in the Diagnosis of a Typical Metaplasia Dysplasia and Carcinoma in situ of the Cervix among Women of Reproductive age
Angel Rajakumari G|Pages: 85-88|Download article|

Characterized of Nubian Architecture and Folk Art to Discover Creativity of the Designer
Asmaa Abd-Elgawad Elsebae|Pages: 89-99|Download article|






Evaluation of the Proximate and Antinutritional Qualities of Black Walnut (Junglans nigra) Processed by Cooking Toasting and Roasting
Nwosu, J. N1, Ndukauba, O. E1, Owuamanam, C. I1, Ahaotu, I1, Omeire G. C1., and Ahaotu N. N|Pages: 48-57|Download article|

The Mineral and Vitamin Compositions of Black Walnuts using Roasting Toasting and Cooking
Nwosu, J. N, Ndukauba, O. E.,Olawuni, I.A.,Okafor, D.C.,Enwereuzoh, R.O.,and Ojukwu, M.|Pages: 58-65|Download article|

Influence of Distillery Effluent on Survivability Growth Limb Bud Emergence and Metamorphosis of Tadpoles of Fejervarya limnocharis (Anura: Ranidae)
Mahesh, M.|Pages: 66-69|Download article|

Effects of some Chemical Preservatives on the Storability and Sensory Attributes of Agbarati- A Meat Substitute
Nwakaudu1, A.A., Nwakaudu2, M.S., Olawuni1, I.A., Ofoedu1, C.E., Agunwah1, I. M. and Adedokun3, A.O.|Pages: 70-78|Download article|

A Preliminary Survey of Aquatic Avifauna of Amarja Reservior, Aland, Kalaburagi District, Karnataka, India
Manjunath. K1, Neelakanth S. Wali 2, Rajasamarsen K Modi3 & Vinay Pasar|Pages: 79-83|Download article|

Evaluation and Characterization of Natural Radioactivity Levels in River Nile (Damietta Branch)
*Mohamed El Sayed Shahin, *Enas Taha Abd El Salam and **Hanan Mohamed Diab|Pages: 84-89|Download article|

Promotory Effects of Some Phytohormone on the Stem Growth Patterns of Pisum sativum (Pea) over the Control
Sanjeev Lal, Noor Azmi, Pradeep Singh Pushpwan and Adil Farooq Shah|Pages: 90-95|Download article|

Development of NCAM Manually Operated Single Pole Dewatering Press
Oladipo N.O., Olotu F.B., Adamade C.A. and Agaja M.O| Pages: 96-99|Download article|

Diverse Staple Crop Use Knowledge by Traditional Farmers Maintain its Genetic Diversity in Gozamin District, Amahara Region, Ethiopia: Implication for Farmer’s Landrace Conservation
Haimanot Reta1*, Zemede Asfaw2, Ensermu Kelbessa| Pages: 100-113|Download article|

Seasonality in Abundance and Composition of Zooplankton of Shesher and Welala Floodplain Wetlands, Lake Tana Sub-Basin, Ethiopia.
Tarekgne Wondmagegne Gelaw1*, Ayalew Wondie2 and Minwyelet Mingist|Pages: 114-119|Download article|

Integrating Traditional Medicine Practice into the Formal Health Care Delivery System in the New Millennium–The Nigerian Approach: A Review
Egharevba, Henry Omoregie1; Ibrahim, Jemilat Aliyu1; Kassam, Chakji Danjuma2 and Kunle, Oluyemisi Folashade|Pages: 120-128|Download article|

Spices Commonly Consumed in West Bengal India – An Appraisal
Pradip Shaw and Sauris Panda|Pages: 129-133|Download article|

Veterinary Services as a Panacea for Agricultural Development and Increase in Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP): A Review
Ayi Vandi Kwaghe*1, Columba Teru Vakuru1, Mwapu Dika Ndahi1, Joy Gararawa Usman2, Abdulganiyu Abubakar1, Vivian Ngoundu Iwar| Pages: 134-146|Download article|

Assessment of Training Needs and Practice of Traditional Medicine Practitioners (TMPs) Towards Integration into Nigerian Healthcare System: A Case Study of Nasarawa State
Egharevba, Henry Omoregie; Ibrahim, Aliyu Jemilat; Jegede, Ibikunle Adeola; Ugbabe, Eyinehi Grace; Muazzam, Ibrahim; Kunle, Oluyemisi Folashade and Gamaniel, Shingu Kaniyus| Pages: 147-153|Download article|

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Effect of Parboiling temperatures, Drying methods on Dehulling efficiency, Quality and Storageability of Breadfruit (Treculia africana) Seeds
*Kabuo N O, Omeire G C, Peter-Ikechukwu A I, Bede E N, Olawuni I A, Iwuji F C.|Pages: 34-40|Download article|

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Selected Diets for Enhancing Breast Milk Production Among Antenatal Mothers in Selected Antenatal Clinics: A CaseStudy of Bangalore India
Feba Jacob, 2Jayanthi Gopal, 3O.Chandra Sekhara Reddy and 4Kota Vasudeva Rao|Pages:41-48|Download article|

Multiobjective Fractional Programming Under ( , b) – Invex Function
G.Varalakshmi1 , O.Chandra Sekhara Reddy2 and S.Chandrababu|Pages: 49-54|Download article|

Comparative Proximate Analysis of Some Green Leafy Vegetables from Selected Communities of Rivers and Imo State, Nigeria.
Igwe1, K., Ofoedu2, C.E., Okafor2, D.C., Odimegwu2, E.N., Agunwah2, I.M. and Igwe2, V.S.|Pages: 55-61|Download article|

Fractal Analysis of Coarse-Grained Superplastic 5052-Aluminum Alloy
*Oladipo, N.O., Babatunde, I.A. and Farounbi, A.J.|Pages: 62-67|Download article|

A Comparative Study on the Proximate Analysis and Durability of Dried Cubed Locust Beans Condiment using Two Different Binding Agents
Adamade,  C.A and Oladipo, N.O| Pages: 68-72|Download article|

Attitude of Women Farmers towards Land Management Practices in Land Degraded Areas in Orlu Agricultural Zone of Imo State Nigeria
*Ani, A.O., *Chikaire, J.U., *Ogueri, E.I. and **Orusha, J.O|Pages: 73-79|Download article|

Integrated Utilization of Eucalyptus globulus grown on the Ethiopian Highlands and its Contribution to Rural Livelihood: A Case Study of Oromia, Amhara and Southern Nations Nationalities and People’s Regional State Ethiopia
Tsegaye Bekele| Pages: 80-89|Download article|

Estimation of Nitrogen Mineralization by Nitrifying Bacteria BtRs8 and NBtRs2 in Bt and NBt Cotton Rhizospheric Soil
P. Siva Raagini1, T. Sujatha2 and S. Chandrababu|Pages: 90-93|Download article|

Microbiological Status of Mixed Fruit Juice Preserved with different Concentrations of Sodium Benzoate
Uzoukwu,A.E, Olawuni, I.A, Ojukwu, M, Odimegwu, N, Agunwah, I.M and Eluchie, C| Pages: 94-99|Download article|

Phytochemical and Pharmacognostic Analysis of Ficus thonningii Blume Leaves for Monograph Development
Egharevba, Henry Omoregie1; Carew, Oka2 and Kunle, Oluyemisi Folashade|Pages: 94-100|Download article|

Strategies for Improving Feed and Fodder Production and Utilization for Enhanced Milk and Meat from Livestock in India— A Review
Rama Prasad, J., Suhas Sourie, J.,Vani Y. K and Ashish Kumar Sharma|Pages: 101-107|Download article|

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Thermal Distribution in Different Tissues Due to Mobile Phone Tower at 800 MHz|
Hemendra Tripathi|Pages: 35-45|Download article|

Electronic Waste Generation and Its Management in Bole and Akaki Kaliti Sub cities of Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Gudeta Hika Binegde, Akhila S. Nair and M.I. Zuberi|Pages: 46-51|Download article|

Plant Species Richness and Structure of Homegarden Agroforestry in Jabithenan District, North-Western Ethiopia
Zebene Asfaw, Ewuketu Linger and Solomon Zewudie|Pages: 52-58|Download article|

Green Infrastructure Planning and Development for Sustainable Urban Development: A Literature Review
Mikias Biazen Molla|Pages: 59-67|Download article|

Studies on the Effect of Vermicompost on the Growth Yield and Quality of Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum coronarium L. CV. Kasturba Gandhi)
Subrata Raha|Pages: 68-71|Download article|

Analysis of Physico-Chemical Parameters of Municipal Solid Waste-A Case Study
Kush Kumar Dey, Preeti Pandey, Bhanu Pratap Singh and Vijay Bhatnagar|Pages: 72-74|Download article|

Effects of Oil Spillage (Pollution) on Agricultural Production in Delta Central Agricultural Zone of Delta State Nigeria
*Ani, A.O., *Chikaire, J.U., *Ogueri,E.I. and **Orusha, J.O|Pages: 75-80|Download article|

Multitemporal Land Use Land Cover Change and Dynamics of Blue Nile Basin by Using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques, North-Western Ethiopia
Moges Kidane Biru1, Amare Sewnet Minale (PhD) 2, Alemu Bezie Debay|Pages: 80-88|Download article|

The Value of Urban Green Infrastructure and Its Environmental Response in Urban Ecosystem: A Literature Review
Mikias Biazen Molla| Pages: 89-101|Download article|

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