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A Study to Assess Knowledge and Practice Regarding Hand Hygiene among Health Care Professional Staffs
Angel Rajakumari.G| Pages: 1-5|Download article|

Customers Perception and their Satisfaction in Innovative Banking Industries: A Case Study of Uttarakhand India
K.S. Ramola1 and Neeraj Kumar|Pages: 6-12|Download article|

A study to evaluate the Effectiveness of Dietary Supplementary on Pre-menstrual syndrome among nursing students
Angel Rajakumari.G|Pages: 13-17|Download article|

 Inequality in Human Development between Sudan States
Jamal Eldeen Abd Elrazig Sulieman Jomah|Pages: 18-26|Download article|

Teachers Perception of the Rights of the Child: Implication for Early Childhood Education in Nigeria  
Victoria I. Iroegbu|Pages 27-32|Download article|

Determinants of Small holder Farmers Credit Use Decision: A Case of East Gojjam Zone, Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia.
Derajew Fentie and M. Sundara Rao|Pages: 33-39|Download article|

Apple Cultivation in Himachal Pradesh: SWOT Analysis and Identified Issues for the Sector Development – A Case Study
Narayan Singh, P L Sharma, Amit Kumar Thakur & L S Lodhiyal| Pages: 68-73|Download article|

Major Weeds of Rice Fields: A Case Study of District Bankura, West Bengal, India
Harasourav Mallick* and Subrata Raha|Pages:74-77|Download article|


Enhancing Food Sufficiency through Agricultural Mechanization in Nigeria
Jackson B.A1, Adamade C.A1, Ayuba L.O1 and Oladipo N.O|Pages: 86-94|Download article|

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                                                                               Vol 4 No. 1

1. A Study on Rumen Enzymes of Camel (Camelus dromedaries) Maintained on Different Diets
Rakesh Poonia, Aakash Srivastava, Suchitra Sena and Meera Srivastava|Pages: 1-9|Download article|

2. Isolation and Characterization of Nitrifying Bacteria from the Rhizospere  Soil of Bt and NBt Cotton Cultivating Fields
P. Siva Raagini and T. Sujatha| Pages: 10-18|Download article|

3. Screening and Identification of  Azodye  (Reactive Red  RB) Degrading Bacteria
Madhuri T., Lakshmi Kalyani B., Indrani Vulasi., Lizy Sravanthi P. and Suvarnalatha Devi P| Pages: 19-23Download article|

4. Contribution of Traditional Farmers for Medicinal Plant Conservation  on  the Farming Site in Gozamin District, Amhara Region, Ethiopia.
Haimanot Reta, Zemede Asfaw and Ensermu Kelbessa| Pages: 24-35|Download article|

 5. Study on Biochemical Constituents of Sclerotium rolfsii -A Causal Agent of Stem Rot of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Saraswathi Maddu and Jaya Madhuri Ravuri| Pages: 36-40|Download article|

 6. A Conservation Study of Natural Fish Resources under Adverse Aquatic Conditions in India
Digvijay Singh Teotia, Kaberi Sharma, Bhanu Pratap Singh, Suman Bhatnagar and Anchal Sharma| Pages: 41-43|Download article|

7. Effect  of  Cartap Hydrochloride  on Amylase  and  Cellulase Enzyme Activities  in Agricultural Soil
P. Lizy Sravanthi , T.  Madhuri, D. Subramanyamand P. Suvarnalatha Devi|Pages:44-47|Download article|


                                                                       Vol 4 . No. 1

1. Environmental Monitoring  based  on  TLD-100  (LiF:Mg,Ti) Thermoluminescent Detector
Amaal. A. Tawfik| Pages: 1-6|Download article|

2. Determination of Uranium and Thorium Concentration in Ground Water Samples by Inductively  Coupled  Plasma  Mass  Spectrometry (ICP-MS) and the Associated Dose Contribution
M.H.Nassef and H.M. Diab| Pages: 7-13|Download article|

 3. A Phytodiversity Study in the Gavisiddalingeshwara Sacred Grove, Chintanpalli of Yadgir District, Karnataka, India.
Pratima Mathad and Rajasamarsen K Modi | Pages: 14-23|Download article|

4. An Evaluation of Watershed Management Practice in Ethiopia: A Preliminary Review
Tesfa Worku Meshesha and S.K.Tripathi |Pages: 24-30|Download article|

5. Regenerated Polyethylene from Polyethylene Wastes: A Case Study
Ajay Kumar Manna|Pages: 31-34|Download article|


                                                          Vol 4. No. 1

1. A  Study  on  Serum  Proteins  of Camel (Camelus dromedaries)  maintained  on Different Diets
Rakesh Poonia, Aakash Srivastava, Suchitra Sena and Meera Srivastava| Pages: 1-4| Download article|

2. The Occurrence and Distribution of Four Viruses on Garlic (Allium sativum L.) in Ethiopia
Kero Jemal, Adane Abraham and Tileye Feyissa| Pages: 5-11|Download article|

3. Optimal Operating Policies  of E.P.Q  Models  for Deteriorating  Items  with Generalized Pareto Life Time
Kousar Jaha Begum and  S.Chandrababu| Pages: 12-21|Download article|

4. Solutions  of Non Linear  Ordinary Differential  Equations  Determined  by  Phase Plane Methods
Daba Meshesha Gusu  and O.Chandra Sekhara Reddy |Pages: 22-27|Download article|

5.Binary  Logistic Regression Analysis  in  Assessment  and  Identifying  Factors  That  Influence Customers’ Satisfaction: The Case of Debre Berhan University, Ethiopia
Habte Tadesse Likassa, Gebire Kiros and O.Chandra Sekhara Reddy| Pages: 28-33|Download article|


Vol 3. No. 2.

1. Effects  of  Problem  Based  Learning  on  Students’  Academic  Achievement  and  Their  Attitude towards  Applied  Mathematics  in  Some  Selected  Ethiopia  Higher  Institutions  with  Specific Reference of First Year Civil Engineering Technology Students
Daba Meshesha Gusu , Asrat Mekonen, Habte Tadesse and O.Chandra Sekhara Reddy|Pages: 46-52|Download now|

2.Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques for Monitoring of the Water Bodies and their Effect on the Land Resources in Siwa Oasis, Egypt
Kotb, M.M; Ali, R.R. and El-Semary, M.A.|Pages: 53-60|Download now|

3.Spatial  Pattern  Analysis  and  Identifying  Risky  Factors  of Tuberculosis Disease: The Case of North Shoa Zone, Oromia National Regional  State of Ethiopia
Habte Tadesse Likassa, Butte Gotu Arero and O.Chandra Sekhara Reddy|Pages: 61-67|Download now|


Isolation and Identification of Local Ethanolic Yeasts Inhabiting Coffee Processing
Environments in Tanzania
Said Hamadi, Masoud H. Muruke and Ken M.M. Hosea|Pages: 213-221|Download article|Tanzania|

Performance Characteristics of Coprinus cinereus (Schaeff.) S. Gray s. lato grown on
Grass Substrate  Incorporating Brown  Seaweed Sargassum Species  Supplements at
Various Rates in Tanzania
Anthony Manoni Mshandete|Pages: 201-212|Download article|Tanzania|


  International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences (Volume-3 Issue 4- 2014)

Hydrogeochemical Characterization and Assessment of Sharm El-Sheikh Ground water South Eastern Sinai Egypt
Atef M. Abu Khatita1*, Hassan S. Sabet1, Hassan Shehata2, Amr, N. Moussa|Pages: 196-209|Download Pdf|Egypt|

Production of citric acid by Aspergillus niger isolated from coffee environments in Tanzania
Winnie Ernest, Masoud H. Muruke and Kenneth M.M. Hosea|Pages: 187-195|Download Pdf||Tanzania|


Patient Dose-Area Product (DAP) Monitoring in Digital Radiography
M. H. Nassef and E. Massoud|Pages: 195-200|Download now|Saudi Arabia & Egypt|

                         International Journal of Environmental Sciences
                                                                Vol 3 Issue 4 (2014)
                                          Editor in Chief: Dr Pananjay K Tiwari

Effective Dose Safety Requirements and Risk Assessment in Petroleum Industries
Amaal A. Tawfik and E. Massoud| Pages: 263-270|Download Pdf|Egypt|

Optimization of Fermentation Parameters for Production of Ethanol from Coffee Pulp Waste Using Pichia anomala M4 Yeast Isolated from Coffee Environment in Tanzania.
Said Hamadi, Masoud H. Muruke and Ken M.M. Hosea|Pages: 255-262|Download Pdf|Tanzania|

Utilization of Brown Seaweeds Sargassum species Organic Supplements in Grass Basal Substrate to Enhance Yield of Edible Coprinus cinereus (Schaeff) S. Gray S. Lato. Mushroom in Tanzania
Anthony Manoni Mshandete|Pages: 177-186|Download Pdf|Tanzania|

Cytotoxicity  and Antioxidant Activities  of Ganoderma tsugae – A Basidiomycetes
Mushroom Indigenous from Tanzania
Anthony Manoni Mshandete|Pages: 189-194|Download article|Tanzania|


Use of Indole-3-Carbaldehyde in the Synthesis of Some New Heterocyclic Compounds of Expected Antitumor Activity
Mona. S. Kadah|Pages: 170-176|Download now|Egypt|

Population  Status  and  Distribution  of the  Endangered Lion  Tailed  Macaque
(Macaca silenus) in Kodagu, Central Western Ghats, India
Devagiri G.  M, Sanjay  Tomar,  Anil Kumar  Khaple,  Santosh  Hubballi,  Maruti  Gurav, Shrinivas Nayak and S. Mohan| Pages: 178-188|Download article|India|

Improving Quality of Service in Multimedia Applications by using Multi-Protocol Label switching Network
Syed Mehar Ali Shah and Bhaskar Reddy Muvva Vijay|Pages: 163-169|Download Pdf|Oman|

Discovering Pricing of European Options under Skewed Brownian Motion
Tuhin Mukherjee and Tushar Kanti Dey|Pages: 37-39|Download now|India|

Factors Impede Simultaneous Interpreting Efficiency
Siddig Ahmed Ali|Pages: 30-36|Download now|Saudi Arabia|

Desertification and Energy Needs of Communities Bordering the Desert
N Achara|Pages: 250-254|Download now|