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Effect of Organic and Inorganic fertilizers on Soil Organic Carbon pH Ammonium-nitrogen Nitrate-nitrogen and Some Exchangeable Cations
Ogundijo D.S.,Adetunji M.T., Azeez J.O. and Arowolo T.A|Pages: 243-249|Download now|Nigeria|

Impact of Point and Non-point Sources of Pollution on Drinking Water Quality within Yeshwantsagar Reservoir (Ujjani Dam), District Solapur, Maharashtra (India)
R.R.Sangpal, U.D.Kulkarni1 and M.R.G. Sayyed|Pages: 236-242|Download now|India|

Comparative Effect of Milling Methods on the Proximate Composition and Functional Properties of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata)
Ihediohanma1, N.C., Ofoedu1, C.E., Ojimba1, N.C., Okafor1, D.C. and Adedokun2, A.O.|Pages: 170-177|Download article|Nigeria|

Morpho-Tectonic Interpretations in South Baluchistan (Iran) using Remote Sensing Technique and Geographical Information System
Yousefi Hamidoddin, Uday Kulkarni, Ravindra G. Jaybhaye| Pages: 154-162|Download now|India|

Seasonal Study of Meteorological Parameters in Indo-Gangetic Plains (IGP) by Remote Sensing
Pankaj Joshi, Akshansha Chauhan, and Vijay Bhatnagar|Pages: 224-235|Download now|India|

Levels of Heavy Metals in Hazardous Waste from a Chemical Industry
Bhanu Pratap Singh and Vijay Bhatnagar|Pages: 220-223|Download now|India|

A Preliminary Survey of Amphibians and Reptiles in and around Afzalpur Village, Gulbarga District, Karnataka, India
Anil Kumar Khaple, Mala Ramesh, Vinay Pasar and Manjunath. K| Pages: 216-219|Download now|India|

Antiplasmodial Effect of Ethanolic Leaf Extract of Irvingia gabonensis on Plasmodium berghei in Mice.
Malann, Y.D., Aminu, K. and Olanrewaju, C.A|Pages: 40-45|Download pdf|Nigeria|

The Prevalence of Shistosoma haematobium in Two Communities within Gwagwalada Area Council, F.C.T. Abuja.
Malann, Y.D. and Moti, T.E.|Pages: 149-153|Download now|Nigeria|

Physicochemical and Sensory Acceptability of Soursop(Annonamuricata) Wine
Okafor, D.C., Ihediohanma, N.C.; Abolude D.S.; Onuegbu N.C.; Osuji, C. M. and Ofoedu C.E.|Pages: 163-169|Download article|Nigeria|


Urban Women in Consumerism and Decision making in Banaras: An Analysis
Gyanmala Singh,. Manju Singh and Ashok Kumar Sahani|Pages: 25-29|Download now|India|


Rehabilitation of Socially Disadvantaged and Deaf Mute Subject by Yoga
Arvind V Patil|Pages: 21-24|Download now|India|

Universalisation of Elementary Education: The Present Status of the District of Cooch Behar, West Bengal
Prasenjit Deb|Pages: 18-21|Download now|India|

Stress-Induced Problems and their Management in Bank Employees Using Yoga
Arvind V. Patil|Pages: 16-17|Download now|India|

Analysis of Risk factors for Maternal Death and Delivery Complications’ in West Shoa Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia: A Retrospective Study
Bedanie Gemechu Bulty and O. Chandra Sekhara Reddy|Pages: 36-39|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

Factors Influencing Adoption of Chemical Weeding Among Farmers in North Central Nigiera; A case Study of Farmers in Idofian, Ifelodun Local Government Area, Kwara State
Saleh Aminu, P. K. Babalola and Aduba J. J.|Pages: 28-35|Download Pdf|Nigeria|

Effect of Drying Parameters on Cabinet Pumpkin Seed Dryer
Balogun, A. L., Uthman, F. , Aduba, J. J., and Adeyi, A. R.|Pages: 22-27|Download Pdf|Nigeria|

Phase-Transfer Catalysis in Organic Syntheses
Hoda A. Abdel-Malek, Ewies F. Ewies|Pages: 1-21|Download Pdf|Egypt|

In-vitro Shoot Proliferation from Nodal Explant of Vitex negundo
Anshulika Upadhyaya, Shruti Sanwal and Kamal Pande|Pages: 160-162|Download article|India|

Study on Fruit Production and Fruit Characteristics of Oxytenanthera abyssinica     (A. Richard Munro) in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, Northwestern Ethiopia
Demelash Alem Ayana, Abdella Gure, Kassahun Embaye|Pages: 149-159|Download article|Ethiopia|