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Urban Blight in Historical Centre of Shiraz City
Neda Rafiee and T.M.Mahesh|Download Pdf|

Effects of Acute Sub-lethal Dose of Tramadol on α2-Adreergic Receptors
and Liver Histopathology in Rat
Hussein A. Kaoud, M.H. Hellal, Farag M. Malhat, Sherein Saeid, Ibtesam A.Elmawella and Ashour H. Khali|Download Pdf|

Customer Attitude towards Bancassurance – An Indian Perspective
T.Hymavathi Kumari|Download Pdf|

A Comparative Assessment of the Profitability of Cassava Processing Enterprises in Kwara State, Nigeria
Achem,B.A., Mohammed,B.T., Aduba,J.J., Muhammad-Lawal, A., and Abdulquadri, F.|Download Pdf|

Evaluation of Zinc Application Methods to Enhance Yield and Quality of Black gram
Kshama Shukla|Download Pdf|

Studies on the Antileishmanial Potential of High dose of Cisplatin along with VitaminC and E against Visceral leishmaniasis in BALB/c Mice
Sukhbir Kaur*, Harpreet Kaur, Deepika Sachdeva, Meenakshi Sharma|Download Pdf|