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A Tropical Oil Seed Plant Jatropha curcas in Shimoga District, Karnataka
Ananthanag.B, Chithkala.P, Neethu Patil 1 and Puttaiah.E.T|Download Pdf|

Efficacy of Cow Urine against Bacterial Disease, European Foulbrood, in Honey Bee, Apis mellifera (L.) Colonies at Different Locations of Uttrakhand-An Eco-Friendly and Novel Approach
Aakash Chand and Ruchira Tiwari|Download Pdf|

Pages: 267-271

Maintenance and Change Requirement in Household Appliances: Prospects of Product Design
Kumkum Pandey and Aditi Vats*|Pages: 267-271|Download Pdf|

pages 263-266

Synthesis and Characterization of Polyesteramide Resin from Rubber Seed Oil for Surface Coating Application
Ikhayere Stephen1*, S.O. Ohikhena2, Ekebafe1 L.O.,|Pages: 263-266|Download Pdf|

Pages 258-262

Production and Characterization of Biogas obtained from Sugarcane leaves (Saccharum species)
*1,2Mokobia, K., 2Ikhuoria, E. U., 3Olugbemide, D. 4Omorogbe, S. O.| Pages: 258-262|Download Pdf|

pages 255-257

Performance Analysis of Castor Oil Based Polyurethane Foam
M.D Ayo1,*, I.C.Madufor2, L.O.Ekebafe1, M.N.Chukwu1, O.G. Tenebe2, K.O. Eguare|Pages: 255-257|Download Pdf|

Pages 250-254

Impact of Zinc sulphate on biochemical parameters in Reproductive cycle of Colisa fasciatus
Sangita Tripathi, *Bhuwan Bhaskar Mishra and S.P. Tripathi|Pages: 250-254|Download Pdf

Pages 235-249

Evaluation of The Ethanolic Extracts Of Three Plants For Their Molluscicidal Activities Against Snails Intermediate Hosts of Schistosoma Mansoni And Fasciola
Abdalla A. Hassan, Abeer E. Mahmoud, Rasha A. H. Attia and *Enas A. M. Huseein|Pages: 235-249|Download Pdf|

Pages 227-234

Implications of GIS Application for the Sustainable Watershed Development in Garhwal Himalaya: A Case study of Takoli Gad Watershed, District Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand
M.K.Parmar1, R.S. Negi1, Kamini Purohit|Pages: 227-234|Download Pdf|

Pages 218-226

Effect of Storage Media and Storage Time on Germination and Field Emergence of Oxytenanthera abyssinica Seeds
Demelash Alem Ayana*1, Zebene Tadesse2 and Yared Kebede| Pages: 218-226|Download Pdf|

Pages 210-217

Evaluation of the Marketing Chain of Parkia biglobosa (Jacq. Benth) R. Br. ex G. Don in South-West Nigeria
Babalola, Folaranmi D|Pages: 210-217|Download Pdf|

Pages 201-209

Effect of Dietary Fish Meal Levels on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Retention and Loss in Culture of Shrimp Penaeus monodon (Lin.)
1V. V. Preetha*,  2A. Palavesam and 2G. Immanuel|Pages: 201-209|Download Pdf|

Pages 193-200

Traditional Phyto-Pharmaceutic Remedies against Skin Diseases in Shevgaon Tahasil of Ahmednagar District (M.S.) India
Salave Ashok Punjaji|Pages: 193-200|Download Pdf|