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International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences- Vol 1 Issue-4- 2012 Issue

Promoting Language use to ensure Effective English language Learning: An Interactive Session in a Community Grammar School in Abeokuta Ogun State, Nigeria
O A Oribabor|Pages: 337-341|Download Pdf|

Dynamics of Ward Wise Population in Shiraz City (1986 – 2012)
Mohammad Reza Emtehani, H. N. Nagendra, A. Assari, Javaid Ahmad Tali and Neda Rafiee|Download Pdf|

Influence of Potting Media on Grevillea robusta A. Cunn: Seedlings at Nursery Stage
Anil kumar Khaple., Devakumar A. S.,  Maruti Garuv and Niranjan.S.P.|Download Pdf|

Problems and Prospects of Large Scale Plantain Banana (Musa Spp) Production in Abia State, Nigeria
Nwaiwu I.U1; Eze, C.C1; Amaechi, E.C.C2 ; and Osuagwu, C.O|Download Pdf|

The Rheological and Proximate Properties of some Food thickeners (“Ukpo”, “Achi” and “Ofo”) as affected by processing
Nwosu, J.N|Download Pdf|

Evaluation of the Proximate properties of the Seed and Physicochemical properties of the Oil of Chinese Fan Palm (Livistona chinensis)
Nwosu, J.N*., Ezegbe, C.C., Omeire, G.C., Ahaotu, I., Owuamanam, C.I, Udeozor, L.O|Download Pdf|

Land Degradation Monitoring in the Nile Delta of Egypt, using Remote Sensing and GIS
Shalaby, A1., R. R. Ali2 and A.Gad|Download Pdf|

Preparation of Low VOC Hybrid Binder for  Surface Coating Applications
Idiaghe J.A.*, Aguele F.O, Ekebafe L.O.|Download Pdf|

Sustainable Agricultural Development Strategies in Increasing Sub-saharan Africa Food Production and Export
*Ezeaku P. I., Unagwu, B.O. and S.C. Eze|Download Pdf|