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Isolation and characterization of Avibacterium paragallinarum from ornamental birds in Thrissur, Kerala
Priya, P.M.1, S.Vamshi Krishna2, Dineshkumar. V3 and  M. Mini|Pages: 87-88|Download Pdf|

Medicinal Plants used by the Tribals of Ratanpur Village of Bankura, West Bengal
Shyamal Kanti Mallick1, Poulami Banerjee1, Anshuman Saha| Pages: 82-86| Download Pdf|

The Anti nutritional properties of African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis sternocarpa) as affected by chemical treatment
*NWOSU, J.N, Owuamanam, C.I, Onuegbu, N, Ogueke, C.C., and Ojukwu, M.|Pages: 74-81|Download Pdf|

Effects of Pre-Sowing Treatments on Germination and Seedling Growth of Terminalia chebula Retz. – An Important Medicinal Plant
Santosh Sumbali, Maruti Gurav and Santosh Hubballi|Pages: 68-73|Download Pdf|

Low Ultraviolet Index in Winter with Concomitant Hypovitaminosis D in Northern Indian Region (Amritsar) – A Pilot Study
Shukla Mayank* ,  Shenoy Shweta** , Sandhu Jaspal Singh*** |Pages: 64-67|Download Pdf|

Effects of Pre-sowing Seed Treatments on Germination and Seedling Growth Performance of Melia dubia CAV: An Important Multipurpose Tree
Anand B,  Devagiri G. M., Maruti Gurav, Vasudev H. S. and Anil Kumar Khaple|Pages: 59-63|Download Pdf||

Studies on Genetic Diversity of Mungbean Cultivars using Polypeptide Banding Pattern Polymorphism (PBPP) markers
Sanju Dutta,* and Shyamal Kanti Mallick| Pages 56-58| Download Pdf|

Population Studies of Wild Edible Fruit Tree Species in Kodagu
Anil Kumar Khaple., Maruti Gurav1 and Santosh Hubballi| Pages: 48-55| Download Pdf

HPTLC Fingerprinting Analysis and Antibacterial Activity of Various Extracts from Fruits of Cuminum cyminum
Surbhi Kaushik* and Padma Singh|Pages: 43-47|Download Pdf|