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Spatial Distribution of Heavy Metals in Sediments from Imo River Owerrinta Environs Imo State Nigeria.
Nwachukwu J.I, Mgbeahuruike L.U, Dike M.U & Tony-Njoku.R.F|Pages: 64-69|Download Pdf|

Duality of Generalised Semilocally B-Preinvex Function
O. Chandra Sekhara Reddy, G. Varalakshmi and P.R.S Reddy|Pages: 59-63|Download Pdf|

Copper Availability in Relation to Selected Soil Properties in a Crude-oil-polluted Eutric Tropofluent, Part I
M. C. Chukwuma, L.U. Mgbeahuruike, J.I.Nwachukwu, R.F.Njoku-Tony  and  C.M.Ahukaemere|Pages: 51-58|Download Pdf|

Comparative Study of Reproductive Biology of Moorhens Inhabiting Hokersar Wetland Kashmir
Mustahson Farooq Fazil|Pages:47-50|Download Pdf|