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Comparing Technical Efficiency of Project and Non project Farmers in Nigeria: A Case Study of Kogi State Maize Growers
Aduba, Joseph J., Oladunni, Olufemi A., & Onojah, David|Pages: 118-127|Download Article|

Physico-chemical Properties of Composite Flours from blends of Acha (Digiteria exile), Soyabean (Glycine max) and Coconut (Cocos mucifera) and their Use as Breakfast Meal
Omeire, G.C|Pages: 112-117|Download Article|

Effect of AgNo3 and Sucrose Application of Preservatives on Gladiolus(Gladiolus grandiflorus) Cv. “Yellow Stone”
Amit KumarAwasthi ,P.K.Karhana ,Pallavi ,  Alankar Singh and Krishna Kumar Pandey
Pages: 107-111|Download Article|

Mechanization Practice: A Tool for Agricultural Development in Nigeria: A Case Study of Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State
Manta, Ibrahim Haruna & Aduba, Joseph Junior
|Pages: 98-106|Download Article|

Treatment of Palm Oil Mill Effluent Using Modified Powdered Cherry
(Chrysophyllum albidium) Seed Shell Carbon
C.J. Ewansiha1*, L.O. Ekebafe2 , C. Ehigie1, P.P. Ezomosogie3, and O.E. Jatto4
Pages: 94-97|Download Article|

Bioremediation of Tannery Wastewater by Aspergillus niger SPFSL 2 – a Isolated from Tannery Sludge
Smiley Sharma and Piyush Malaviya*|Pages: 88-93|Download Article|

Dynamic Weathering in Western Ghats Southern India – How Does Rock Weathering Proceed in Nature
Pankaj Mehta and Vivek P. Malviya|Pages: 79-87|Download Article|

Effects of Operative Processing Conditions on the Performance of Cowpea Dehuller Using Selected Cowpea Varieties
Olotu, F.B., Aduba, J.J and Olaoye, J.O.Pages: 71-78|Download Article|