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Rangeland  Degradation  and  Restoration in  Semi-arid  Areas  of  Southern  Ethiopia:-The Case of Borana Rangeland
Niguse Bekele and Gizachew Kebede| Pages: 94-103|Download Pdf|

Groundwater Analysis in Micro watershed (Kachwani singaram) Influenced by Wastewater Irrigation, Peri-urban Hyderabad, India
Shwetha.B, Venkata Reddy, Shakeel Ahamed & Ananth Nag.B|Pages: 88-93|Download Pdf|

Biodiversity of Medicinal Plants used to Control Diabetes by the Rural People of Marcela Village and Surrounding Areas
Lata Satyawan Naik, Ananth Nag B and Puttaiah.E.T|Pages: 57-69|Download Pdf|

Comparing Methods of Fertilizer Application on Soil Nutrients and Growth Components of Amaranthusspinosus
Ayeni Leye Samuel,Okubena Dipeolu and Kawsar Ali|Pages: 56-62|Download Pdf|

Xerostomia- A Clinical Challenge
Jaspreet Kaur, Pratik Bhatnagar,  Gurleen Arora|Pages: 54-56|Download Pdf|

Rapid Prototyping in Dentistry – An Update
Pratik Bhatnagar,  Jaspreet Kaur, Pooja Arora, Vipin Arora|Pages: 50-53|Download Pdf|

Informed Consent: A Pre-requisite in Health Research
Pratik Bhatnagar,  Jaspreet Kaur, Pooja Arora, Vipin Arora|Pages: 46-49|Download Pdf|

Effect of Microbial Inoculants of Pseudomonas and VAM on Indian Basil (Ocimum sanctum Linn.)
 Pravita Pandey, Ajai Swami and A. B Bhatt|Pages:41-45|Download Pdf|

Issues and Concerns on Urban Agriculture and its Potential Contribution to Food Security in Zimbabwe
N. Assan|Pages: 82-87|Download Pdf|

Histopathological Changes in the Gill Tissue of the Fish to Untreated and Treated Sago Effluent
Ramesh. F* and K. Nagarajan|Pages: 78-81|Download Pdf|

Estimation of Iron Status in Daily Waging Adolescent Girls
K. Rajapriya Balraj and S. Sangeetha|Pages: 31-40|Download Pdf|

Breeding Ecology of Purple Moorhen (Porphyrio porphyrio) at Hokersar Wetland Kashmir
Mustahson Farooq Fazili|Pages: 26-30|Download Pdf|

The Water Quality Phytoplankton and Zooplankton of the Lower Ogun River Lagos
I. C. Onyema, Nwabuzor, E. J. and Igwe, C. O|Pages:16-25|Download Pdf|

Preliminary Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Properties of Five Plants in Edo State Nigeria
Ogie-Odia E.A, Ibrahim T.A., Ogbemudia F.O., Eseigbe .D and Mokwenye I.A|Pages:11-15|Download Pdf|

Assessing the Consequence of Land Use Change on Agricultural Productivity in Nadda Asendabo Watershed Gilgel Gibe Sub catchment of Ethiopia
Amanuel Abate|Pages: 72-77|Download Pdf|

Wind Turbine Site Assessment
N Achara and D S Nyitamen|Pages:65-71|Download Pdf|

Some Breeding Parameters in a Colony of Indian Pond Herons (Ardea grayil)
Mustahson Farooq Fazili|Pages: 60-64|Download Pdf|

Changes in Water Chemistry, Chlorophyll a Concentration (Phytoplankton Biomass) and Zooplankton Characteristics at a Mariculture Site in the Lagos Lagoon
I. C. Onyema and Harris-Sanni, M. O.|Pages:51-59|Download Pdf|

Nesting Ecology of Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) in Haigam Wetland Kashmir
Mustahson Farooq Fazili|Pages:52-55|Download Pdf|

Comparative Study of Synthesis of P- type ZnO Nanostructures
Trilok Kumar Pathak#, L.P.Purohit, Amarkant Sharma and R. Kumar|Pages: 47-51|Download Pdf|