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International Journal of Research in Engineering and Management
Vol 4 Issue 4; ISSN: 2456-1029; Editor-in-Chief: Er. Ramesh Singh

Management Short Communication paper
Teaching American Short Stories to ESL Students: Cask of Amontillado as a Model

Author: Ahmed Gouhar
Teaching, ESL

Pages: 150-151; Download Pdf|

Business Analytics Application for Crop Prediction-An Empirical Study

Authors: B. Lavanya and M. Hem Kumar Reddy
Crop Prediction ,Clustering , Logistic Regression.

Pages: 152-156; Download Pdf|

Expansion of Higher Education in Ethiopia: Challenges and Opportunities:The case of Kotebe Metropolitan University and Saint Mary University

Author: Easaw Alemayehu
Challenges, Expansion, Higher Academic Institutions, and Opportunities
Pages: 157-179; Download Pdf|

Application of Optimization Techniques in the Pedestrian Bridges Systems 

Authors: Mohamed Mousa, Hosam Elhegazy, S.Y. Aboul Haggag and Ibrahim Abdel Rashid
 Pedestrian bridges; Cost optimization; Construction Engineering; Optimization; Structural optimization

Pages: 180-186; Download Pdf|

Evaluation of Indian Mutual Fund  Industry  Performance  during Pandemic COVID-19

 Author: Aditi Pandey
Pandemic, Mutual Fund Growth, Return, Folios, Economy

Pages: 187-194; Download Pdf|


International Journal of Research in Engineering and Management
Vol 4 Issue 3; ISSN: 2456-1029; Editor-in-Chief: Er. Ramesh Singh

Forces Distribution in Space Truss Grid Structures

Authors: Reham Milad, Ahmed Ebid, Mohamed Korashy, Said Youssef Abo El Haggag
Space truss; long span Structure; Jointing systems

Pages: 107-112; Download Pdf

Numerical Evaluation of Mono-symmetric Steel-concrete Composite section provided with Angle and Channel Shear Connectors.

Authors: Ahmed Kamar, Mahmoud Lasheen, Amr Shaat, Amr zaher, Ayman Khalil
Finite element, experimental, mono-symmetric composite beam, effective width, shape of shear connectors.

Pages: 113-130; Download Pdf|


Impact of Corona virus on Personal Finance and Economic Situation in India: An Exploratory Study

Authors: Kirit Chauhan
Covid -19, corona virus, personal finance, Economic situation ,biological warfare

Pages: 131-134; Download Pdf

Experimental Test on Steel Hollow Sections Filled with Sand and Epoxy Materials

Authors: Mahmoud M. Marzuk, Tamer H. Radwan
Sand and Epoxy Resin Mixes, Composite Columns, Steel Tube Columns, Local Buckling.

Pages: 135-142; Download Pdf|

An Assessment of the Effect of Service Quality (SQ) on Customer Satisfaction (CS) in Mobile Service Delivery: A Case of Airtel Zambia.

Author: Daniel K Tembo 
SERVQUAL Model, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Perception, Dimensions.

Pages: 143-149; |Download Pdf|


International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
Vol 10 Issue 1; ISSN: 2277-1921; COSMOS Impact Factor: 3.658
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Pananjay Kartikey Tiwari

Diversity of Icthyofauna of Maheshwar Dam in Narmada River Madhya Pradesh India.

Authors:Shailendra Sharma, Rekha Sharma, Anita Shinde
Narmada river, Diversity,  Maheshwar dam , Fish Species.

Pages: 1-5; Download Pdf

B-E Condensate in toroidal trap as an analog of the dc SQUID

Authors: Arun Kumar Singh, Surendra Kumar and Manindra Kumar
Josephson junction, SQUID, Magnetometer, Bose-Einstein Condensate, Potential barrier.

Pages: 6-8; Download Pdf|

Quasi-Newton Line Search Algorithm for solving unconstrained non-linear least square Optimization Problem

Authors:  Geleta Kinkino and Vasudeva Rao Kota   
Quasi-Newton-equation, Line Search, Wolfe conditions, Step length.
9-16;Download Pdf|

Finite Element Analysis of Steel Tubular Columns Filled With epoxy-sand mixture under Axial Compression

Mahmoud M. Marzuk and Nady Morsy

Keywords: Epoxy-sand mix, Composite Columns, Finite Element, Nonlinear Analysis and Steel Stub Columns.
Pages: 19-25;Download Pdf

Perceived Constraints to Adoption of Improved Poultry Technology among Poultry Farmers in Owerri Agricultural Zone of IMO State, Nigeria

Authors: Nwozuzu  Sunday  Obioha, Nwozuzu  Chidimma Treasure and Onyejiuwa Justice Nnaemeka
Perceived Constraints; Adoption; Improved Poultry Technology; Poultry Farmers; Imo State; Nigeria

Pages: 26-31; Download Pdf|


International Journal of Research in Engineering and Management
Vol 4 Issue 2; ISSN: 2456-1029; Editor-in-Chief: Er. Ramesh Singh

Behavior of  Tension Leg Platform Wind Turbine Subjected to Environmental loads

Authors: Oliver Sadek Helmy Sadek, M. NourEldin S. Fayed,H. A. M. Elarabaty,S. Y. Aboul Haggag
TLP:Tension Leg Platform; WT:Wind Turbine; LAT:Lowest Water Level ;HAT:Heighest Water Level; MSL:Mean Sea Level; AM:Added Mass; RD:Radiation Damping
Pages: 71-80; Download Pdf|

Effect of Steel Fiber Ratio and various Reinforcement Ratios on Flexural behavior of HSC& UHSC beams

Authors: Mina Nabil, Ezz-Eldin Mostafa, Amr Zaher
Ultra-high strength concrete, flexural behavior, vertical deflection

Pages: 81-89Download Pdf|

Effect of Cross section and various Reinforcement ratios on Flexural behavior of HSC& UHSC beams

Mina Nabil, Ezz-Eldin Mostafa, Amr Zaher
Ultra-high strength concrete, vertical deflection
Pages: 90-100Download Pdf|

Discipline: Management
Citation analysis of Management Thesis: A study of Doctoral Thesis submitted to Kumaun University, Nainital

Author: Mahesh Chandra Belwal
Citation Analysis, Kumaun University, Management

Pages: 101-106Download Pdf|


International Journal of Research in Engineering and Management
Vol 4 Issue 1; ISSN: 2456-1029; Editor-in-Chief: Er. Ramesh Singh

Assessment of Associations between the risk Management Role of Internal Audit Function and Its Determinants: a Case Study in south Gondar Zone

Author: Dawud Ali Hassen
Internal audit function, risk management role, challenges of risk management role;
Download Pdf|

Forces Distribution in N-Truss Members

Authors: Mohammed Taher, Ahmed Ebid, Mohamed Korashy, Said Youssef Abo El Haggag
Keywords: Steel Truss; Truss Structure; Finite Element Modeling
Pages: 14-23|Download Pdf|

Stability of Petroleum Storage Tanks considering the effect of Helical Stair Beams

Authors: Mahmoud Ahmed Hussien; Said Yousif Abu Hagag; Ahmed Maged and  Mohamed Mostafa Korashy
Stability of oil tank, steel tank design, shell stiffening, shell buckling.

Pages:24-35; Download Pdf|

Behaviour of Mono-symmetric Steel-concrete Composite Section provided with Angle and Channel Shear connectors

Authors: Ahmed Kamar, Mahmoud Lasheen, Amr Shaat, Amr zaher, Ayman Khalil
Mono-symmetric, Composite beam, Effective slab width, angle shear connectors, channel shear connectors

Pages: 36-51; Download Pdf|

Stability of Shell Roof Structures under Different Load Types

Authors: Mahmoud Abo Ouf *, Said Aboul Haggag, Ahmed Maged and Tamer Hanfy
Steel Structures; Shell Roof; Stability; Different Loads.

Pages: 52-61:Download Pdf|

Parametric Study of Multiplanar Tubular KK-Joints

Authors: Ahmed A. Kadry, Ahmed M. Ebid, Tamer H. Radwan, S.Y. Aboul Haggag
Keywords: Prametric, Multiplanar, Tubular

Pages: 62-70Download Pdf|


International Journal of Social Sciences Arts & Humanities
Vol 4 Issue 2 ; ISSN: 2277-1948; SJ Impact Factor: 2.996
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Anil Kumar Tyagi; E mail: editorijssah@gmail.com

A Case Study of the Causes for Juvenile Delinquency and Introducing Educational measures as a Prevention mechanism: Pedagogical-Psychological Issues of Offending behavior among Juveniles on the example of Georgia 
Nato Sherozia and Tamar Dolidze| Pages: 34-38|Download Pdf|Georgia|


International Journal of Social Sciences Arts & Humanities (Vol 4 Issue 4)
UGC Approved; Journal No: 45640
ISSN: 2277-1948; SJ Impact Factor: 2.996; Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Anil Kumar Tyagi

1. Challenges of Womens’ Participation in Education: the Case of Some Selected Primary Schools of Oromiya Region, Ethiopia
Helen Ibsa Adugnaa, Serawit Handisob* and Tesfaye Alemu|Pages: 105-112|Download Pdf|

2. Universal Basic Education: Exploring the Challenges of Access and Equity in Some Primary Schools of Oromiya Region
Getachew Kekeba Emanaa, Serawit Handiso Melkatob* and Tesfaye Alemu Tenkegna|Pages: 113-121|Download Pdf|

3. Barriers to Quality Education in Some Selected Primary schools of Oromiya Region, Ethiopia
Gena Feyo Wakoa, Serawit Handiso Melkatob*  and Tesfaye Alemu Tenkegna|Pages: 122-130|Download Pdf|

4. Efficiency-Quality Nexus and Challenges in some Selected Primary Schools of Oromia Regional State Ethiopia
Hassen Bedasso Abdia, Serawit Handiso Melkatob*  and Tesfaye Alemu Tenkegna|Pages: 131-137|Download Pdf|

5. Practices and Challenges of School Leadership Training in Some Selected Primary Schools of Oromiya Regional State, Ethiopia
Girma Gemechua, Serawit Handisob* and Tesfaye Alemu|Pages: 138-146|Download Pdf|

6. The role of Non-State Actors in Attaining Basic Primary Education in Some Selected Primary Schools of Oromiya Region, Ethiopia
Habtamu Bentia, Serawit Handiso Melkatob*  and Tesfaye Alemu Tenkegna|Pages: 147-152|Download Pdf|

7. Examining Determinants of Parenthood for Students’ Academic Performance in Some Secondary Schools of Oromiya Regional State, Ethiopia
Habtamu Husena, Serawit Handiso Melkatob*  and Tesfaye Alemu Tenkegna|Pages: 153-160|Download Pdf|

 8. Tonality of Yemsa as a Cause for Linguistic Polysemy
Gebretsadik Bosen and Getacew Anteneh| Pages: 161-175|Download Pdf|

 Review Paper

9. A Critical Review of Ethiopia’s Agricultural Water Use Policies and Strategies
Endrias Geta and Merihun Fikiru|Pages: 173-178|Download Pdf|

 10. Action Research Practice of Preparatory Secondary School Teachers in West Gojjam Administrative Zone, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia
Gebeyehu Shiferaw|Pages: 179-184|Download Pdf|

11. Awareness and Usage of Electronic Resources with Reference to UGC-Infonet Program of Central Library Kumaun University Nainital: A User Study
Yougal Joshi| Pages: 185-193|Download Pdf|

12. Baidyanath Deoghar: A Holy City of Eastern India
Deependra Nath|Pages: 194-197|Download Pdf|

13. Management and effective Leadership of Public Sector Undertakings in Indian Emerging Economy
Ramesh Roushan and Md Suhail Ahmad|Pages: 198-203|Download Pdf|

14. A Study of Achievement in Mathematics among Primary School Student in Relation to Types of Institution
Brajesh Kumar|Pages: 204-206|Download Pdf|

15. Distress of Mid Day Meal Nutrition programme in Bihar: The Public Health Anxiety of Devastation
Soni Kumari|Pages: 207-209|Download Pdf|

16. Echoes of Resistance: A Study of Monsoon and The Dissident MLA.
Nisha Narang and Nazish Khan| Pages: 210-212|Download Pdf|

17. Mental Health: A Comparative Study of Male and Female College Students
Kamala D. Bhardwaj| Pages: 213-217|Download Pdf|

International Journal of Social Sciences Arts & Humanities (Vol 4 Issue 3) UGC Approved; Journal No: 45640
ISSN: 2277-1948SJ Impact Factor: 2.996
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Anil Kumar Tyagi
Index Page                               Cover Page

1. A Preliminary Study on Coping Strategies of Orphan Caregiver Families in Jimma town, Oromia, Ethiopia
Firafis Dereje and Nega Jibat| Pages: 43-48|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

2.A Study on Environment Protection Act and its Implementation across the Country
Sushma Juyal Anthwal and Rajesh Bahuguna| Pages: 49-53|Download Pdf|India|

3.Academic Anxiety among VIII Standard Students in relation to Gender, Type of School Management and Age: A Case Study
M. Rajendra Nath Babu and Lungsang Zeliang|Pages: 54-57|Download Pdf|India|

4. A Conceptual Comparative Approach to Teach Oromo and Amharic (Major Languages of Ethiopia) Idioms
Chimdi Wakuma Olbasa; Amanuel Raga and Samuel Adola|Pages: 58-70|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

5.Modeling and Forecasting Ethiopian Human Population Size and it`s Pattern
Amare Wubishet Ayele and Mulugeta Aklilu Zewdie|Pages: 71-82|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

 6. India’s Nuclear Doctrine of Credible Minimum Deterrence
Uday Pratap Singh|Pages: 83-86|Download Pdf|India|

 7. Identify Strategic Gender needs of Women and Use Administration in Sodo Zuria Woreda Woliata Zone
Merihun Fikru Meja and Endrias Geta|Pages: 87-90|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

 8. Social Protest through Pen and Platform: Re-looking the Role of C.V Kunjuraman in the Social Change in Kerala India
Shaji A|Pages: 91-96|Download Pdf|India|

9. A Critical Appraisal of Performing Art Culture of Baiga Tribe in Central India
Amit Soni and Ashok Kumar Pradhan|Pages: 97-104|Download Pdf|India|


                                Global Journal of Current Research
Vol 4 Issue 4 (Last date for manuscript submission: 30/05/2017)
ISSN: 2277-1948; SJ Impact Factor: 2.912
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Pananjay Kartikey Tiwari

1. Facts about the Smart City Mission in India: A Preliminary Review
Chakradhar Dash; Kshetrimayum Kananbala Devi  and Doreshor  Khwairakpam| Pages: 31-36|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

2. Influence of Freezing and Drying on the Nutritional Composition of an Edible Mushroom Pleurotus sajor-caju in Nigeria
Adebiyi, Adedeji Olayinka* and Tedela, Patrick Olugbenga| Pages: 37-41|Download Pdf| Nigeria|

3. An Assessment of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction regarding Solid Waste Management in Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Massreshaw Assnakew Abebe| Pages: 42-47|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

4. Study on Heavy Metal Pollution with Special Reference to Arsenic: A Case Study From Lingusugur Taluk , Raichur District, Karnataka, India
Shwetha B and  Puttaiah E.T| Pages: 48-51Download Pdf|India|

Review Paper
5. Aeroallergens, Associated Allergic Diseases and Climate Change: A Preliminary Review
Mitiku Addisu  and Pananjay Kartikey Tiwari| Pages: 52-57|Download Pdf| Ethiopia|

6. An Analysis and Marketing Vantage of Selected Packaged Mineral Water Brands in Magadh, Bihar, India
Kumari Namita|Pages: 58-61|Download Pdf|India|


                                          Global Journal of Current Research
Vol 4 Issue 3 (Last date for manuscript submission: 30/01/2017)
ISSN: 2277-1948; SJ Impact Factor: 2.912
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Pananjay Kartikey Tiwari

Impact of Energy Consumption on Indoor Pollution in Rural Wooden Houses of Southern Ethiopia in times of Climate Change
 Miftah Fekadu , Tsegaye Bekele and Sisay Feleke| Pages: 14-24|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

Production Objectives and Selection Criteria of Indigenous Sheep Types in East Gojjam Zone, North Western Ethiopia: Implication for Designing Community Based Breeding Strategies
Michael Abera, Kefelegn Kebede and Yoseph Mekasha| Pages: 25-30Download Pdf| Ethiopia|


International Journal of Social Sciences Arts and Humanities  Vol. 4 No. 1
ISSN: 2321 – 4147

Burden of Disease: A Study of Morbidity Profile of the Households of Siliguri Municipal Corporation Area (SMCA), West Bengal, India
Subrata Ghosh, Amlan Majumder and Sanchari Roy Mukherjee|Pages: 1-7|Download pdf|

Indo-EU Cooperation in the Indian Ocean
Uday Pratap Singh|Pages: 8-12|Downloaf pdf|

The Indo-French Strategic Partnership
Raghvendra Pratap Singh|Pages: 13-18|Download pdf|

Threat of Terrorism and Security Problems in Central Asian Republic
Dilip Kumar Maurya|Pages: 19-24|Download pdf|

A Comparative Study of Personality Traits among Deaf Dumb and Normal : A Case Study of Students in Dakshin Dinajpur District of West Bengal India
Sumedha Banerjee| Pages: 25-29|Download Pdf|

 Perceived Parental Encouragement as Related to Social Maturity of Adolescents in Jammu, India
 Samridhi Arora and Anju Bala| Pages: 30-32|Download Pdf|

 A Historical Study of Women Politics in India with  special reference to Delhi Sultanate:  A Preliminary Review
Shivani Rawat| Pages: 33-35|Download Pdf|

 History of Today: Now and Then: A Preliminary Review
Ananda Majumdar| Pages: 36-37|Download Pdf|

Vol 4 Issue 2 Global Journal of Current Research

Development of a Manually Operated Double Pole Dewatering Press
 M.K. Bello, N.O. Oladipo, C.A. Adamade and Adewumi A.A.|Pages: 10-13|Download article|


International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
Vol 4 Issue 4 

An Assessment of Financial Reporting System: The Case of Selected Multi-Purpose Agricultural primary  Cooperatives in  Toke Kutaye District, West Shawa Zone of Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia.
O. Chandra Sekhara Reddy, V.Natarajan and  K.Vasudeva Rao|Pages: 183-193|Download article|

Capital Mobilization Practices of Ambo Farmers’ Cooperative Union’s Affiliated to Multipurpose Cooperative Societies: A Case of West Shewa Zone,  Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia.
 V.Natarajan, Chandra Sekhara Reddy and K.Vasudeva Rao|Pages: 194-205|Download article|

Phytochemical Screening  Chromatographic Profiling and Pharmacognostic Analysis on Leaves of Lantana camara Linn.
Egharevba Henry Omoregie, Ibrahim Jemilat Aliyu, Ebere Uchechukwu Doris, Ugbabe Grace and Wudil Muazzam Ibrahim| Pages: 206-211|Download article|

A Study on Verbal Creativity in Relation to Freedom of Students
Ashis Kumar Debnath and Deb Prasad Sikdar|Pages: 212-216|Download article|

Velocity and Acceleration in Rotational Prolate Spheroidal Coordinates
Omonile J.F, Alhassan M.O, Koffa D.J and Howusu S.X.K|Pages: 217-220|Download article|

 Tropical Fruit Tree Genetic Resources in Coffee-based Landscapes of Kodagu: Diversity and On-farm Conservation.
Charana Kumar., Jadeyegowda M., Ramesh M N., Vasudeva R., and Ashwath M. N|Pages: 221-225|Download article|

 Phytochemistry, Pharmacognostic and HPLC profiling of Methanolic Extract of Fruits of Ficus polita Vahl
Egharevba Henry Omoregie, Ibrahim  Jemilat Aliyu, Okhale Samuel Ehiabhi, Wudil Muazzam Ibrahim and Kunle Oluyemisi Folashade|Pages: 225-228|Download article|

Effect of Irrigation Application Levels on Yield and Water Productivity of Drip Irrigated Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.), Gedio Zone, Southern Ethiopia.
Mandefro Chala, Kokobe W/Yohannes|Pages: 229-234|Download article|

 Processing and Shelf-life Assessment of Mixed-fruit Juice from Pineapple (Ananas comosus) Orange (Citrus sinensis) Paw-Paw (Carica papaya) and Guava (Psidium guajava)
 Uzoukwu A.1;  Ubbaonu C.1;  *Okafor D. C.1 Nweze C.C. 2; Nwosu J. C.3; and Nweje N. O|Pages: 235-242|Download article|

 Conservative Treatment versus Early Ureteroscopy in Obstructing Lower Ureteric Stone 6-10 mm:  Multicenter Prospective Randomized Study
Mohamed Naguib1, Ahmed Ragab1, M. Ali1, K. Abdelwahab 1, Amr Fawzy1,A sakr1 ,A Eliewa,1 Esam Shalaby2,Mamdouh M ELHawy3, D.Elsaid1,H.Desouky1, M.Seleem1 ,M Kamel1, E. Desouky1, M.Omran1,H.Elgalaly1, E.Salem1, ,T. Dawod1 M. Teleeb, Lotfy. B and A Shahein1, A. Marouf|Pages: 243-247|Download Pdf|

Associations between Musculoskeletal Pain and Work-related Factors amongst Computer Staff
Rawda M. Elsheikh|Pages: 248-258|Download article|

Comparative Study between Endovenous Laser Ablation and Foam Sclerotherapy in Treatment of Lower Limb Primary Varicose Veins
Al-Metwaly Ragab Ibrahim|Pages: 259-264|Download Pdf|


Vol 4 Issue 4

Problems and Challenges of Household Potable Water Supply: A Case Study of Durbete Town in Amhara National Regional State of Ethiopia
Mulugojam Wondyfraw|Pages: 175-180|Download article|

Emergency Plan Setting for Radiological Release Due to an Accident from a Nuclear Power Plant at the North Coast Using HotSpot Code
I. I. Bashter a, O.S. Ahmed b, E.M. Ahmed a, and M. A. Lasheen|Pages: 181-187|Download article|

Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Composite Nanoparticles and its Efficiency in Photo catalytic degradation of Red HRBL dye in Aqueous Solution by Solar Radiation
 Shilpa G, Yogendra K, Mahadevan K M and Madhusudhana N|Pages: 188-194|Download article|

An Overview of certain Physico-chemical Parameters of Paper Mill Effluent
Dhanushree M S and Hina Kousar|Pages: 195-197|Download article|


Vol 4 Issue 1

Socio – Economic and Environmental Impact of Household Biogas Technology Built in Rural Areas of Yilmana Densa Woreda of West Gojjam in Amhara National Region state, Ethiopia
Mulugojam Wondyfraw|Pages: 1-9|Download article|

Vol 4 Issue 4

Participatory Evaluation of Banana (Musa paradisiaca L var. sapiertum) Production Constraints and Scaling up of Improved Banana Cultivars in Gedeo Zone Southern Ethiopia
Berhanu Tigabu, Melaku Fisseha, Beniam Tilahun and Aberham Kebedom| Pages:197-201|Download article|

Effect of Apium graveolens extract on Rat Liver Mitochondria, Cytosolic and Microsomal Fractions In-Vitro.
Nermien Z. Ahmed and Gouda T.M. Dawoud|Pages: 202-208|Download article|

Analysis of Cassava Value Chain in Ideato South Local Government Area, Imo State, South-East Nigeria.
Henri-Ukoha1, A; Anaeto, F.C2; Chikezie,C1; Ibeagwa, O. B1; Ukoha, I.I1 , I.O. Oshaji1 and Anyiam, K.H|Pages: 209-215|Download article|

 Adaptation Trail of Different Improved Hot Pepper (Capsicum species) Varieties under Gedeo Zone, Dilla, Ethiopia
Melaku Fisseha Teferi, Alemayehu Tilahun Getie, and Lidet Befekadu Telila|Pages: 216-220|Download article|

 Seed Characteristics and Seed Production potential of Oxytenanthera abyssinica in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, Northwestern Ethiopia
Demelash Alem Ayana, Abdella Gure and Kassahun Embaye|Pages: 221-231|Download article|

 Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Yield and Water Productivity of Garlic (Allium Sativum L.) under Drip Irrigation and Mulching at Wolaita Soddo, Ethiopia.
Mandefro Chala and Shoeb Quraishi|Pages: 232-239|Download article|

 Genetically Modified Crops- Perceptions, Concerns, Assessment and Regulations for Food Safety in the Context of Human and Animal Nutrition.
Rama Prasad, J., Suhas Sourie,  J., Ashish Kumar Sharma., Cherukuri, V. R and Chala Merera Erge|Pages: 240-250|Download article|

Flowering and Causes of Seed Defects in Lowland Bamboo (Oxytenanthera abyssinica): A Case Study in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, Northwestern Ethiopia
Demelash Alem Ayana, Abdella Gure, and Kassahun Embaye|Pages:251-259|Download article|

Antimicrobial Activities of a Streptomyces microflavus Isolated From KSA: Taxonomy, Fermentation, Extraction and Biological activities
Houssam M. Atta2 and Ayman M. Yassen|Pages: 260-269|Download article|

 Effect of Replacing Conventional Ration by Cafeteria leftover on Performance of Ross 308 Broiler Chicken
Asmamaw Yinnesu and Dinberu Mamuye|Pages: 270-276|Download article|

HPLC Profiling and Phytochemical Analysis of Fruit Extracts of Guinea pepper – Xylopia aethiopica, (Dunal) A. Richard
Egharevba Henry Omoregie, Shedrach Hubert, and Okhale Samuel Ehiabhi|Pages: 277-282|Download article|

Prevalence and Economic Losses from Bovine Tuberculosis in Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria
Ayi Vandi Kwaghe, Agbo James Ameh, Abdul-Ganiyu Ambali, Ayuba Caleb Kudi and Mairo Gujiba Kachalla| Pages: 283-287|Download article|

Loss Reduction in Electrical Distribution Systems using Artificial Intelligence
A. Mabruok Khafagi, A. Mahmuod Agwa and M. Ibrahim El-Sayed| Pages: 288-295|Download article|

Prevalence, Risk factors and outcomes of Germinal Matrix Intraventricular Hemorrhage in Preterm Babies: A Single Center Study
Ramadan A Mahmoud, Montaser M Mohamed, Hassan M Mohamed, Al-Zahraa E Sharaf, Khaled F Zaki| Pages: 296-304|Download Pdf|

Placenta Accreta Diagnosis and Conservative Management
Waleed AbdEglel Elshekh|Pages: 305-308|Download Pdf|

A Cytomorphological Study of the Atrophic Pap Smear and Its Diagnostic Challenges
Somaia Ahmed Saad Eldin|Pages: 309-315|Download Pdf|

Effectiveness and Limitations of Minimally Invasive Repair of Pectus Excavatum- a 10 years’ Experience
Mohamed Abdel Bary, Ralph A. Schmid and  Morris Beshay|Pages: 316-321|Download Pdf|

Cerebral Microbleeds in Egyptian Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease on Regular Haemodialysis
Mahmoud Haddad Hemida, Arafat Kassem, Wael Osman and Wafik Ebrahim Aly|Pages: 322-332|Download Pdf|

Voice and Oncologic Outcomes following Radiation and Voice Therapy in Cancer Larynx
Megahed Mohamed Hassan, Rafaat A. Bakheet , Mona Elrabie Ahmed| Pages: 333-338|Download Pdf|


Evaluation of Different Chemical Fungicides and Microbial Antagonists to Control Storage Mycoflora of Pongamia pinnata seeds
Pooja Arya1, Suresh Chandra Tiwari1, Amit Pandey|Pages: 154-163|Download article|

 Macroscopic  Algal  Growths  and  Concomitant Micromycetes in the Agrocenosis of Adjara, Georgia.
O. Shainidze*, G.Beridze, A. Murvanidze and G. Chkhubadze|Pages:164-167|Download article|

 Identification and Comparison of Volatile Constituents of Himalayan Phytofood; Allium auriculatum Kunth and its Antimicrobial Activity
Kamal K. Pande1, Lata Pande2 Anshulika Upadhyaya1 Bharat Pande3 and Atul Pujari|Pages: 168-172| Download article

Enumeration of Angiospermic plants in Pokabandh areas of Bishnupur, Bankura, West Bengal, India
Asish Mandal, Sanju Dutta and Shyamal Kanti Mallick|Pages: 173-177|Download article|

Review on Microbial Xylanases and their Applications
Asish Mandal|Pages: 178-187|Download article|

 Impact of Brewery-Distillery effluent on germination, seedling growth and pigments of Cicer arietinum L. variety GNG1958
Kirti Pandita and Piyush Malaviya|Pages: 188-191|Download article|

 Habitual Green Tea Intake and Effects on Blood Glucose and Blood Lipids of Diabetic Rats
Bede E. N., Mmuoasinam B. C., Kabuo N. O., Peter-Ikechukwu A. I., and Amandikwa C|Pages: 192-196|Download article|


The Socio-economic Benefits and Consequences of the Proposed Zungeru Hydro-power Project on the Livelihood of the Dwelling Natives
Ibrahim Haruna Manta|Pages: 102-113|Download article|

Analysis of Dose Distribution for the Gamma Cobalt Irradiation Therapy Unit in Normal and Emergency Conditions
Amaal A. Tawfik, El-Ahdal M. A*, Moustafa Aziz|Pages: 114-117|Download article

 Distribution and Diversity of Intertidal Macrofauna of Bandar Lengeh CoastAn Area in South of Iran
Fozieh Barkhori Mahni ,Alireza Salarzadeh., and Keyvan Ejlali Khanghah|Pages: 118-125|Download article|

Human Development and Wetland Conservation Policy
Fikirte Demissie Tulu  and Mare Addis Desta|Pages: 126-138|Download article|

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