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International Journal of Social Sciences Arts & Humanities (Vol 4 Issue 3) UGC Approved; Journal No: 45640
ISSN: 2277-1948SJ Impact Factor: 2.996
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Anil Kumar Tyagi
Index Page                               Cover Page

1. A Preliminary Study on Coping Strategies of Orphan Caregiver Families in Jimma town, Oromia, Ethiopia
Firafis Dereje and Nega Jibat| Pages: 43-48|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

2.A Study on Environment Protection Act and its Implementation across the Country
Sushma Juyal Anthwal and Rajesh Bahuguna| Pages: 49-53|Download Pdf|India|

3.Academic Anxiety among VIII Standard Students in relation to Gender, Type of School Management and Age: A Case Study
M. Rajendra Nath Babu and Lungsang Zeliang|Pages: 54-57|Download Pdf|India|

4. A Conceptual Comparative Approach to Teach Oromo and Amharic (Major Languages of Ethiopia) Idioms
Chimdi Wakuma Olbasa; Amanuel Raga and Samuel Adola|Pages: 58-70|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

5.Modeling and Forecasting Ethiopian Human Population Size and it`s Pattern
Amare Wubishet Ayele and Mulugeta Aklilu Zewdie|Pages: 71-82|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

 6. India’s Nuclear Doctrine of Credible Minimum Deterrence
Uday Pratap Singh|Pages: 83-86|Download Pdf|India|

 7. Identify Strategic Gender needs of Women and Use Administration in Sodo Zuria Woreda Woliata Zone
Merihun Fikru Meja and Endrias Geta|Pages: 87-90|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

 8. Social Protest through Pen and Platform: Re-looking the Role of C.V Kunjuraman in the Social Change in Kerala India
Shaji A|Pages: 91-96|Download Pdf|India|

9. A Critical Appraisal of Performing Art Culture of Baiga Tribe in Central India
Amit Soni and Ashok Kumar Pradhan|Pages: 97-104|Download Pdf|India|