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International Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences is a peer reviewed, open access international scientific journal dedicated for rapid publication of high quality original research articles as well as review articles in major areas of basic and applied sciences. The journal covers following disciplines:

Agriculture |Biochemistry |Biotechnology |Botany |Chemistry |Computer Sciences| Environmental Sciences| Engineering| Food Sciences| Genetics| Geography| Geology| Mathematics| Medical Sciences| Microbiology| Nano Science| Petroleum Technology| Pharmaceutical Sciences| Psychology| Physiology| Physics| Space Science| Surgical  Research| Statistics| Textile Engineering| Veterinary  Sciences| Zoology| and others

This journal is UGC approved as per the gazette 2018 and also is indexed in leading indexing sites like Google Scholar, Research gate, and others.

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International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences is a quarterly publication with publication of articles at the end of each month for the convenience of authors. It was started in 2012 and running its Vol 10. It is very well accepted by authors of India and abroad. Thje journal is peer reviewed which is maintained at its highest level by the editors.


Applied science is the use of existing scientific knowledge to practical goals, like technology or inventions. Within natural science, disciplines that are basic science develop basic information to explain and perhaps predict phenomena in the natural world. Applied science is the use of scientific processes and knowledge as the means to achieve a particular practical or useful result. This includes a broad range of applied science related fields, including engineering and medicine. Applied science can also apply formal science, such as statistics and probability theory, as n epidemiologyGenetic epidemiology is an applied science applying both biological and statistical methods.

Basic science principally refers to the scientific disciplines of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics as well as to their sub-disciplines. It gets a bit tricky with respect to sub-disciplines, for instance Computational Chemistry or Computational Material Science, as they often interact with engineering disciplines like computer engineering, scientific computation etc.. The principal idea behind something being labelled as basic science is that study of basic science leads to a better understanding of natural phenomena. It looks for “knowledge and discovery of facts” to enable one to understand an already existing phenomenon. For instance, Botany teaches you how plants grow, how plants synthesize food, why their leaves are green etc. Physics teaches you why things fall, what produces light etc. Mathematics teaches you what numbers are and how they are evaluated, what equations are and how they are solved. Most of basic science related study does not look for an application that would benefit from it. It looks for knowledge. Application of that knowledge is a by-product which is generally not considered primarily in basic science related research/studies.

Subjects covered: This journal covers all domains of Basic and Applied Sciences like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Statistics to name some. Authors can submit their papers with all above fields and others.

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