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Preliminary Evaluation of Effects of Herbicide Types and Rates on Growth and Yield of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)
Jane-Frances K. Enyong, Nyaudoh U. Ndaeyo, Bassey A. Ndon, Lawrence A. Ugbe and Edna A. Akpan| Pages: 65-70|Download Full Article|

Women Participation in Oil Palm Processing in Nigeria: A Case Study of Akwa Ibom State
B. B. Esu and A. E. Akam| Pages: 60-64|Download Full Article|

DNA Fragmentation Induced by Microcystin-RR in Mice Liver
Ashutosh Kumar Rai* and Ashok Kumar|Pages:56-59|Download Full Article|

Isolation and characterization of Pseudomonas strains from Potatoes Rhizosphere at Dehradun Valley, India
Deshwal VK, Singh SB, Chubey A and Kumar P|Pages: 53-55|Download Full Article|

Characterization and Spatial Distribution of Quartz Reefs in Archean Bundelkhand Craton Based on Remote Sensing Data and their Implications
K Prakash*, T Mohanty, S Singh, K Chaube and P Prakash|Pages: 48-52|Download Full Article|