Vol 3 Issue 4 IJLS

Role of Ethanolic Extract of Parsley ( Petroselinum Sativum) and Rutin against CCl4-induced Nephrotoxicity on the Subcellular Fractions in Rat Kidney
Nermien Z. Ahmed and Teleb Z.A|Pages: 120-130|Download Pdf|

Indigenous Management of Enset Root Mealybug (Cataenococcus Ensete) Williams and Matile – Ferrero (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae) in Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia  
Habtamu Kefelegn, *Beniam Tilahun and Fekede Girma| Pages: 131-136|Download Pdf|

A Study of Rhizospheric Bacteria of Jatropha curcas and their PGPR Properties
*Sehar Nazim, **Pananjay K Tiwari and *S.C.Tiwari| Pages: 137-143|Download Pdf|

Diversity of Butterflies in Omkareshwar Region Nearby Area of Narmada River Bank, Madhya Pradesh India
Shailandra Sharma,** Rupali Mandloi,*** Divy Char| Pages: 144-148|Download Pdf|

Study on Fruit Production and Fruit Characteristics of O xytenanthera abyssinica (A. Richard Munro) in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, Northwestern Ethiopia
Demelash Alem Ayana1*, Abdella Gure2, Kassahun Embaye| Pages: 149-159|Download Pdf|

In-vitro Shoot Proliferation from Nodal Explant of Vitex negundo
Anshulika Upadhyaya1*, Shruti Sanwal1 and Kamal Pande| Pages: 160-162|Download Pdf|

Physico-chemical and Sensory Acceptability of Soursop ( Annonamuricata) Wine 
Okafor, D.C.1, Ihediohanma, N.C.1; Abolude D.S.2; Onuegbu N.C.1; Osuji, C. M.1 and Ofoedu C.E. | Pages: 163-169|Download Pdf|

Comparative Effect of Milling Methods on the Proximate Composition and Functional Properties of Cowpea ( Vigna    unguiculata )
Ihediohanma1, N.C., Ofoedu1, C.E., Ojimba1, N.C., Okafor1, D.C. and Adedokun2, A.O.| Pages: 170-177|Download Pdf|

Population Status and Distribution of the Endangered Lion Tailed Macaque ( Macaca silenus ) in Kodagu, Central Western Ghats, India
Devagiri G. M. 1*, Sanjay Tomar2, Anil Kumar Khaple3, Santosh Hubballi3, Maruti Gurav3, Shrinivas Nayak4 and S. Mohan|Pages: 178-188|Download Pdf|

Cytotoxicity and Antioxidant Activities of Ganoderma tsugae – A Basidiomycetes Mushroom Indigenous from Tanzania
Anthony Manoni Mshandete| Pages: 189-194|Download Pdf|

Patient Dose-Area Product (DAP) Monitoring in Digital Radiography
M. H. Nassef and E. Massoud| Pages: 195-200|Download Pdf|

Performance Characteristics of Coprinus cinereus (Schaeff.) S. Gray s. lato grown on Grass Substrate Incorporating Brown Seaweed Sargassum Species Supplements at Various Rates in Tanzania
Anthony Manoni Mshandete| Pages: 201-212|Download Pdf|

Isolation and Identification of Local Ethanolic Yeasts Inhabiting Coffee Processing Environments in Tanzania
Said Hamadi, Masoud H. Muruke and Ken M.M. Hosea| Pages: 213-221|Download Pdf|

The Influence of Starter culture on accumulation of Biogenic amines in Ripening period of Ras cheese
W. A. Ragab| Pages: 222-230|Download Pdf|

 Utilization of some Cereals and Legumes in preparing High Nutritional Value Products
Abdelazim, Sayed Abdelazim; Youssef, M. R. G Asma A. El-Gendi and Rasha A. Shalaby| Pages: 231-243|Download Pdf|

 Additional of Umbilical and Cerebral Arteries Color Doppler Ultrasound to Foetal Biometry in Diagnosis of IUGR
Abdullah Hussein and Walid Abdelgalil Elshikh| Pages: 244-250|Download Pdf|

A Comparative study of Resistance during Tooth Retraction Using Ceramic Bracket and Ceramic Bracket with Metal Slot: In-Vitro Study
Mohamed Ahmed Salim|Pages: 251-255|Download Pdf|

Orbital Vascular Disorders; Clinical Aspects, Diagnostic techniques and Therapeutic Options
Adel Galal Zaky; Mohamed Samy Abd Elaziz and Hesham Mohamed Fouad Elmazar|Pages: 256-261|Download Pdf|