International Journal of Research in Engineering and Management
Vol 5 Issue 1; ISSN: 2456-1029; Editor-in-Chief: Er. Ramesh Singh

Factors Leading to Low Penetration of Property and Liability Insurance Products in the Zambian Insurance Industry

Authors: Mumba Ngoma and Dr. Taonaziso Chowa 
Key words: Insurance, penetration,, Property, Liability, multiple linear regression, Insurance Industry.
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Business Analytic Systems and Organizational Decisions Making

Authors: John Idoko and Sydney Akinsunmi
 Analytic tools; analytic methods; Business analytics tools; companies; interpretation tools, and organizational decision making

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Characterisation of Energy Efficiency Affecting Machining Response Parameters with Cutting Conditions during the Turning Operations of Ti-Alloy Ti6Al4V

Author: N Tayisepi
Energy Efficiency, Chip Morphology, Machining, Titanium alloy, Optimisation
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Profitability Analysis of the Nainital Bank Ltd., Uttarakhand (India)

Author: Jeevan Chandra Upadhyay
Profitability, working fund, Interest margin, Return on Equity.
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