International Journal of Research in Engineering and Management
Vol 5 Issue 2; ISSN: 2456-1029;
Editor-in-Chief: Er. Ramesh Singh

Assessing Entrepreneurial Behaviour in Local Government: The case of Mushindamo Town Council, Lusaka, Zambia              

Authors: Kondwani Simukoko and Dr. Muwe Mungule
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Behavior, Local Government, Performance.
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Factors Affecting the Productivity of Road Construction Projects in Egypt

Authors: Shrouk Awaad, Ibrahim Mahdi, Dina Mahmoud, Ibrahim Abdelrashid
Keywords: Construction, road construction, factors affecting, productivity, performance, Egypt.
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Theoretical Study 0n Strength of Segma Composite Columns

Authors: Mohamed A. Reda, Ahmed M. Ebid, Sherif M. Ibrahim, Mohamed A. El-Aghory
Composite columns,  Sigma sections, Concrete filled

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An Analysis of Factors that Influence Collection of Turnover Tax amongst Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Solwezi, Zambia   

Author: Stainly Masafwa
Turnover tax, Small and Medium Enterprises, Tax evasion, Solwezi.

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