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International Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences is a peer reviewed, open access international scientific journal dedicated for rapid publication of high quality original research articles as well as review articles in major areas of basic and applied sciences. The journal covers following disciplines:

Agriculture |Biochemistry |Biotechnology |Botany |Chemistry |Computer Sciences| Environmental Sciences| Engineering| Food Sciences| Genetics| Geography| Geology| Mathematics| Medical Sciences| Microbiology| Nano Science| Petroleum Technology| Pharmaceutical Sciences| Psychology| Physiology| Physics| Space Science| Surgical  Research| Statistics| Textile Engineering| Veterinary  Sciences| Zoology| and others

Current Issues

Biological characterization of sandy soils Irrigated with sewage effluent for extended periods Saber, M., Azza, SH. Turky, Fatma, H.  Abd-El-Zaher and Dalia, M. Abd-El-Mowla|Download Pdf|

Impact of Human Activities on Ground Water Forests of Arba Minch: A Case Study from Ethiopia Aramde Fetene, Tsegaye Bekele & GBG. Pananjay K Tiwari|Download Pdf|

Development of a Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction Method for Specific Detection of Genetically Modified Cotton Events MON 531 and MON 15985 Vijaya Kumar Pidugu, Ranjith Kumar, Sagar Pothula, Deepa Narra and Varsha Srivatsava|Download Pdf|

A Computer Programme for Estimation of Pressure Conditions in Metamorphic Rocks: Thermodynamic Basis and Uncertainties S. N. Lal, D. Prakash and S. B. Dwivedi|Download Pdf|

Species diversity and Environmental Regeneration potential of Tree species along an Altitudinal gradient in Subtropical Montane forests of a part in Central Himalaya, India GBG Pananjay K. Tiwari & S.C Tiwari|Download Pdf|

Reverse phase HPLC for the detection of flavonoids in the ethanolic extract of Coriandrum sativum L. seeds Rajeshwari CU and Andallu B|Download Pdf|

Hydrogeophysical Mapping of Oke-Badan Estate, Ibadan, SW Nigeria Makinde V, Coker J.O and  Oyedele K.F|Download Pdf|

A GIS-based Model for Desertification Sensitivity Assessment Case study: Inland Sinai and Eastern Desert Wadies Shalaby Adel, Ali, R.R and Abdalla Gad|Download Pdf|

Changing Scenario of CBD: A Case Study of Shiraz City in Iran  Mohammad Reza Emtehani1,H. N. Nagendra2, Javaid Ahmad Tali3 and Neda Rafiee| Download Pdf|

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