1. Journal Title : International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences; International Journal of  Life Sciences; International Journal of Environmental Sciences; Global Journal of Current Research; International Journal of   Social Sciences Arts & Humanities; International Journal of  Research in Engineering & Management
  2. Journal Broad Discipline and Focus Subject: Biological Sciences; Environmental Sciences; Social Sciences; Life Sciences; Engineering; Management
  3. Name of Publisher: Centre for Rural Development Ecology and Environment Protection(CRDEEP)
  4. Country of Origin and Registered address:
    India; 315/10, Kaulagarh Road, Rajendranagar, Dehradun, Uttrakhand, 248001, India.
  5. Journal Language: English
  6. Publishing Frequency : Quaterly (Jan/April/July/Oct)
    (a) Editor name: Dr. Pananjay K Tiwari
    (b) Editorial Office Address: 315/10, Kaulagarh Road, Rajendranagar, Dehradun, Uttrakhand, 248001, India.
    (c) Phone: 7895844394
    (d) Email:
    (e) Website:
    1. Current Status (Print / Online / Both) : Online
    2. E-ISSN: 2277-193x; 2277-1948;2277-1921;2320-2920;2321-4147
    3. Other membership such as RNI / COPE/ CARE: NA
    1. The journal has a website which provides full postal and email addresses of Editor -in-Chief and Editors and at least some of these addresses are verifiable official addresses: YES;
    2. The website provides complete instructions to authors/reviewers: YES
    3. The journal has a well-defined peer-review and publication policy: YES
    4. The journal has a well-defined Ethical policy: YES
    5. The journal has a declared frequency of publication each year: YES
    6. The journal is published regularly and in time as per declared frequency: YES
    7. Indexing in a given database claimed by journal is verified: YES
    8. Journal levies submission/publication charges: NO
    9. Since when is the journal being regularly published : Jan 2012