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Maize Response to Organic and Inorganic (Poultry manure) and Inorganic Fertilizers (NPK 15-15-15) at Different Soil pH Levels
Unagwu,B. O., C. L. A. Asadu and P.I. Ezeaku|Download Pdf|

Tropical Montane Forest Biodiversity in Nigeria – Case Study of Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve, Mambilla Plateau
Temitope I. Borokini, Fola D. Babalola, Tajudeen O. Amusa, Samuel T. Ivande, Zingfa J. Wala, Oluwabunmi O. Jegede, Dauda Tanko and Jerome O. Ihuma|Download Pdf|

Using Remote Sensing and GIS Application in Agro-ecological Zoning of Egypt
Ismail M.|Download Pdf|

Using of ADMS-Urban Model to Study the Air Quality Problems in Norwich, UK
T. M. Habeebullah and S. Dorling|Download Pdf|

Mapping and Characterization of Bio-rich Areas Using Satellite Remote Sensing in Southern Karnataka, India
Devagiri, G. M., Santosh Hubballi , Girish Pujar, Murthy, M.S.R., Shivam Trivedi  and Bijan Debnath|Download Pdf|

Use of Remote Sensing and Soils database for Sustainable Management of Irrigation Water in Desert Landforms
R.R. Ali and M. Abd  El-hady|Download Pdf|

Uptake, Transport, Re-Translocation and ETDA-Chelation of the Metals: Cu, Cd, Cr, Co and Zn in Pennisetum pedicellatum
Garba, S. T.,  Maina, H. M., Oseamehon, S. A. and Barminas, J. T|Download Pdf|

Applications and Effective Utilization of Information & Communication Technology for Addressing Environmental Issues
Rakesh Kumar Singh and Kireet Kumar|Download Pdf|

Mosses as Biomonitors of Heavy Metal Deposition in the Atmosphere
Fatoba Paul Ojo, Ogunkunle Clement Oluseye and Okewole Grace Abiola|Download Pdf|

Thermal Effect Due to Induced Field of Broadcasting Radiation
Hemendra Tripathi and P.P. Pathak|Download Pdf|

The Socio-economic Impact of Land resource Conflict in Taraba State: A Case Study of  Kona – Minda crisis in Northern Taraba
E. D. Oruonye|Download Pdf|

Impact of Demographic and Areal Changes on Urban Growth: A Case Study of Srinagar City
Javaid Ahmad Tali and Krishna Murthy|Download Pdf|

Future Threats to CBD: A Case Study of Bangalore CBD
Javaid Ahmad Tali, Mohammad Reza emtehani, Krishna Murthy and H. N. Nagendra|Download Pdf|