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                                                                                 Vol. 3 Issue 3. May-July 2014 issue

Dabigatran as a New Method for Thromboprophylaxis after Gynecological Procedures
Mahmoud Salah Mahmoud|Download Pdf|


Factors Affecting the Occurrence of Mass Movements in Naroun Area, Baluchistan, Iran
Yousefi Hamidoddin, Uday Kulkarni, Ravindra G. Jaybhaye|Pages: 101-112|Download Pdf|

Development of a Continuous Process Multi-crop Washing Machine
Olotu, F.B. , Oladip, N.O, Farounbi, A. J. and S.I. ObiakorS.I. |Pages: 96-100|Download Pdf|

Effects of Synthesized Plant Growth Hormones on the Early Growth Rate of Gnetum africanum (Welw) in Uyo, Southeastern Nigeria
Mercy P. Akpan, Nyaudoh U. Ndaeyo and Hanson E. Hanson|Pages: 89-95|Download Pdf|

Evaluation of the Proximate and Functional Properties of African Yam Bean (Spenostylis stenocarpa) using Malting Treatmemt
Nwosu, J. N.|Pages: 79-88|Download Pdf|

Studies on the Effect of Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer (SLF) on different Growth Parameters, Biochemical Constituents and Pigment Production in a C3 Plant , Phaseolus mungo
S. Mary Josephine Punitha and S. Sheela|Pages: 71-78|Download Pdf|

Medicinal Uses of Grasses by the Tribal People in West Bengal – An Overview
Anshuman Saha, Akramul Hoque, Shyamal Kanti Mallick and Sauris Panda|Pages: 63-70|Download Pdf|