Engineering WebsiteInternational Journal of Research in Engineering and Management
Vol 1 Issue 1
ISSN: 2456-1029
SJ Impact Factor: AWAITED
Editor-in-Chief: Er. Ramesh Singh

Power Analysis of Embedded Software
Rutesh S. Lonkar, Tushar More and V.R.Barwat| Pages: 1-3|Download Pdf

Revolution of Mobile Cloud Computing its Role in Gaming Industry and Design Challenges: A Review
Sampath Kumar and D. Mahija|Pages: 4-6|Download Pdf|

Effect of Soil Properties on River Bank Erosion in Lower Assam Region
Chandana Nath and  Pankaj Goswami| Pages: 7-15|Download Pdf|

An Ideal Approach to a Master Plan of the Umtrew River Sub-basin of Meghalaya India
Chandana Nath., Mohasweta Das ., and  Mousumi Deori| Pages: 16-22|Download Pdf|