International Journal of Social Sciences Arts & Humanities
Vol 6 Issue 4; ISSN: 2321-4147; 
UGC Approved: Journal No: 47359

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Anil Tyagi

Saying the Unsaid in the War Poetry of Nizar Qabbani     
Author: Saddik Gohar
Key words:Tyranny; Persecution; War; Conflict; Trauma; Amnesia; Counter-Poetics; Witnessing the Defeat; Hegemony; Propaganda.

Pages: 57-64; Download Pdf

The Re-configuration of War in Syrian Poetry
Author: Saddik Gohar
Key words: 
War Poetry; Arab-Israeli Conflict; Defeat; Trauma; Arab Regimes; Dictatorship; Censorship.
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Women Empowerment and Spousal Violence in Northern and Southern Regions of India: Insights from NFHS
Authors: Subhi Srivastava and Alok Kumar
Women’s empowerment, Spousal Violence, Perceived Sexual rights, Principal component analysis. Dictatorship; Censorship.

Pages: 76-84; Download Pdf

Information and Communication Technology for Economic Empowerment of Dalit Women in Kancheepuram district in Tamilnadu

Author: Dr. C. Suresh Kumar
Information, Communication,Economic, Empowerment
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A Study of Rural Consciousness in Anita Desai’s Novel: The Village by the Sea

Authors: Nilofar Akhtar and Nazish Khan
 Village consciousness, rural life, poverty, social equality, adaptation and survival, customs and taboos

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Unraveling the Fabricated Past: A Neuropsychological Review of False Memories

Authors: Ragini Bahadur and Prof. Namita Pande
Keywords: False memory, frontal lobe damage, memory impairment, memory distortion
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