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Magnitude and Seasonal Variations of Solid Waste Generation in Tourist
Accommodation of Dal Lake
Muzafar.Ahmad Wani., Shamim Ahmad Shah|Download Pdf|

The Significance of Special Rice Project on Constraints of Rice Production in Kwara State, Nigeria
Akangbe J.A, I.F. Ayanda and Achem, B.|Download Pdf|

Environmental Impacts of Tourism and Management in Maldives
Suresh Kumar Kundur and Dr. Krishna Murthy|Download Pdf|

Effects of pre-peeling treatments on ease of peeling of whole plantain fingers and functional properties of the plantain flour
Onuegbu, N.C., Ubbaonu, C.N. Ajoku, N.G., Kabuo,N.O. ,and Nwosu, J.N.|Download Pdf|

Recurrent and extensive forest fire incidence in the Bale Mountains National Park (BMNP), Ethiopia: Extent, Cause and Consequences
Anteneh Belayneh, Temesgen Yohannes and Adefires Worku|Download Pdf|

Vegetables Trade in Semi-Subsistence type of Rural Economy: A Case Study from India
Mushir Ali & Syed Murshid Husain|Download Pdf|

Effects of Sea Breezes and Local Topography on Pollutant Dispersion in
Swansea, UK
Turki Habeebullah,, Steve Dorling and Phil Govier|Download Pdf|

Road Transport and Environmental Deterioration in India
Mary Tahir, Tahir Hussain and Mushir Ali|Download Pdf|