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                         International Journal of Environmental Sciences
                                                                Vol 3 Issue 4 (2014)
                                          Editor in Chief: Dr Pananjay K Tiwari

Effective Dose Safety Requirements and Risk Assessment in Petroleum Industries
Amaal A. Tawfik and E. Massoud| Pages: 263-270|Download Pdf|Egypt|

Optimization of Fermentation Parameters for Production of Ethanol from Coffee Pulp Waste Using Pichia anomala M4 Yeast Isolated from Coffee Environment in Tanzania.
Said Hamadi, Masoud H. Muruke and Ken M.M. Hosea|Pages: 255-262|Download Pdf|Tanzania|

Desertification and Energy Needs of Communities Bordering the Desert
N Achara|Pages: 250-254|Download now|

Effect of Organic and Inorganic fertilizers on Soil Organic Carbon pH Ammonium-nitrogen Nitrate-nitrogen and Some Exchangeable Cations
Ogundijo D.S.,Adetunji M.T., Azeez J.O. and Arowolo T.A|Pages: 243-249|Download now|Nigeria|

Impact of Point and Non-point Sources of Pollution on Drinking Water Quality within Yeshwantsagar Reservoir (Ujjani Dam), District Solapur, Maharashtra (India)
R.R.Sangpal, U.D.Kulkarni1 and M.R.G. Sayyed|Pages: 236-242|Download now|India|

Seasonal Study of Meteorological Parameters in Indo-Gangetic Plains (IGP) by Remote Sensing
Pankaj Joshi, Akshansha Chauhan, and Vijay Bhatnagar|Pages: 224-235|Download now|India|

Levels of Heavy Metals in Hazardous Waste from a Chemical Industry
Bhanu Pratap Singh and Vijay Bhatnagar|Pages: 220-223|Download now|India|

A Preliminary Survey of Amphibians and Reptiles in and around Afzalpur Village, Gulbarga District, Karnataka, India
Anil Kumar Khaple, Mala Ramesh, Vinay Pasar and Manjunath. K| Pages: 216-219|Download now|India|

Eco-tourism: An Option for Sustainable Livelihood in Uttarakhand
Ashok Kumar Sahani|Pages: 206-215|Download now|India|

Development of Tray Dryer for Pumpkin Seed
Balogun, A. L1., Uthman, F1. Ajiboye, A. T2. and Olawoyin, A. O.|Pages: 202-205|Download Pdf|Nigeria|

Effect of Artificial Pollution of Cadmium and Lead sprays on Growth, Yield and Fiber properties of two Egyptian Cotton cultivars
Badawy, S.H., Abdallah, Amany M., El-Motaium, R.A., and Husein, M.E.|Pages: 191-201|Download Pdf|Egypt|

Web Based Environmental Information System on Himalayan Ecology: A Scientific Review
Rakesh Kumar Singh,V.C. Sharma & P.P. Dhyani|Pages: 185-190|Download Pdf|India|

Checklist on Icthyofaunal Diversity of Katisanghavi (Bhima river) and Tintni (Krishna river) of Northern Karnataka
K. Renuka* and Heena Mubeen|Pages: 183-184|Download Pdf|India|

Spatial Variation of Noise Pollution Level in the Main Commercial Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Andualem Mekonnen and Seyoum Leta|Pages: 175-182|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

Characterization of Shimoga Taluk Soils under different Land Use Systems
Shilpashree Y. P , J Narayana, Y Vishwanathshetty and Anilkumar D Talageri |Pages: 171-174|Download Pdf| India|