International Journal of Social Sciences Arts & Humanities (Vol 5 Issue 1); UGC Approved; Journal No: 45640
ISSN: 2277-1948; SJ Impact Factor: 2.996; Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Anil Kumar Tyagi

1. The Political Crisis in Modern Turkey (The Events of 2015): A Review
Emazar Makaradze|Pages: 1-3|Download Pdf |Georgia

 2.  Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Technology for Research and Education in UAE
Khaula Alkaabi and Abdelgadir Abuelgasim|Pages: 4-11|Download Pdf|UAE|

 3. Factors Affecting Women’s Contraceptive Use in Ethiopia: Analysis based on EDHS 2011 Dataset
Nega Jibat|Pages: 12-18|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

 4. Women’s Empowerment and Its Role in Improving Health, Poverty Alleviation and Development: Implications for Policy, in Ethiopia
Adamu Amanu Asari|Pages: 19-27|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

 5. Determining The Factors That Prevent Small and Medium Enterprises  From Listing On The  Securities Exchange in Zambia
Nsama Musawa; Clement Mwaanga; Mulenga Chilando|Pages:28-33|Download Pdf|Zambia|