International Journal of Environmental Sciences
Vol 7 Issue 4; ISSN: 2277-1948; SJ Impact Factor: 5.416
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Pananjay Kartikey Tiwari

Anabaena as a Substitute for Urea–Nitrogen during Rice Cultivation in Wet fields of Barh Bihar India.
Keywords: Nitrogen-fixing, Anabaena, bio-N-fertilizer, Substitute, Urea-N
Authors: Saumya Snehee and M. P Verma
Pages: 117-119| Download Pdf|

Molecular Characterization of Lytic and Lysogenic Genes of Cyanophages Infecting Microcystis spp.
Keywords: Microcystis, Cyanophages, g91, g135, g136, Lytic, Lysogenic. 
Authors: Shabana, E.F., Deyab, M.A., Abd El Salam, E.T., and Mohamed, A.M
Pages: 120-124|Download Pdf|

Diversity and Local Community Knowledge on Butterflies: A Case Study of Kiang’ondu Montane zone of Mt Kenya Forest
Keywords: Butterflies; diversity; threats, attitudes, local community
Authors: Njeru Justin Mugendi  and Mutuku Moses Kitili
Pages: 125-133| Download Pdf|

Electronic Waste Disposal: An Emerging Environmental Challenge in Enugu, Nigeria.
Keywords: Electronics, devices, e-waste, disposal, waste management, enugu
Authors: Andrew Evaga Okosun; Tpl Kanu Ejikeme Johnson and Samuel Ureme
Pages: 134-138| Download Pdf|

Psychological Perspectives on the Impact of Climate Change in Kenya: A Revisit of Solai Dam Tragedy
Key Words: Climate change, Impacts, Psychological dimensions, Psychological perspectives, Psychological reactions
Author: George Manono Areri
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