International Journal of Environmental Sciences
Vol 10 Issue 4; ISSN: 2277-1948; CIF: 3.654

Livelihood Strategies and Factors Constraining Rural Livelihoods: The Case of Lare Woreda in Gambella Region Ethiopia
Author: Kueth Lul Ruach
Livelihood Strategies, Population sampling, Livelihood Constraints, Coping Mechanism and Seasonal migration

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Fish Species Diversity of the River Narmada in Nimar Region of Madhya Pradesh, India.
Author: Khichi Yogesh
Fish Diversity, Fresh Water Fishes, Narmada River, Conservation

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Assessment of Vegetation Structure and Above Ground Biomass Carbon Pools in Evergreen and Deciduous in Kodagu District of Western Ghats, India.
Authors: Bharath H N, Danush Kumar R, Darshan S Nayaka, G.M. Devagiri, Naveen Kumar and Anil Kumar Kaple
Above-ground biomass (AGB), Biodiversity, Carbon density, Western Ghats

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Assessment of Effects of Solid Waste from the Municipal Solid Waste Dumping Yards on Ground Water using GIS tool: A Case Study of Southern part of Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Author: Satish Kumar.J ,and Dr. S. Suresha
Groundwater, Water Parameters, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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Assessing the Trend and Status of Air Quality in NCT Delhi
Author: Neeraj Kumar, Sana Rafi*, Gopal Prasad and Mary Tahir
Air Quality, NAAQS, Delhi, Trends, Exceedance Factor, Pollutants.

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Water Resources in the Indian Himalayan Region: Issues, Concerns and Best Practices for its Conservation 
Author: Rakesh Kumar Singh
Environment, Water, Indian Himalayan Region, Hill Station, Source augmentation, etc.

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Climate Change Impact on Himalayan Ecosystem: An Assessment of Rishiganga River Basin, Central Himalaya, India      
Author(s): Kapil Kesarwani, Arushi Sharma, Tapan Ghosh, J.C. Kuniyal, Anjali Tiwari, Anshu Mala, Vandita Srivastava
Climate Change, Mountain Meteorology, Snow and Vegetation Cover, Himalayan Ecosystem

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Energy Flow Model and Village Ecosystem Function in Hot Sub-Humid Area of Faizabad District of Uttar Pradesh, India.
Author: Dr Anil Kumar
Energy flow, agriculture ecosystem, animal husbandry sub-system, domestic sub-system, eucalyptus plantations, fuelwood, irrigation.

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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.24363.52001

Climate Change and its Impact on Indian Agriculture Production
Authors: Suneel Yadav and Dr. Rekha Gupta
Climate change, crop production, Temperature, Rainfall

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