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Detecting and Quantifying Land Use/ Land Cover Dynamics in Nadda Asendabo Watershed, South Western Ethiopia
Amanuel Abateand Mulugeta Lemenih|Pages: 45-50|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

Environmental Characteristics and Community Structure of Benthic Macroinvertebrate of Epe Lagoon, Nigeria
R.E. Uwadiae|Pages: 36-44|Download Pdf|Nigeria|

Study of land resources of some areas at Helwan Governorate
  M .A. Abdel Hamid,W .A. Abdel Kawy, R .R .Ali, R .A. Ibrahim|Pages: 27-35|Download Pdf|Egypt|

Assessment  of Heavy Metal Concentration  in Downstream  of Bhadra  River
Neethu Patil and  Puttaiah.E.T|Pages: 22-26|Download Pdf|India|

Evaluation  of  Recreational  Site  Selection  and  the  Prospects  of  Recreational Establishments in Mysore City
Jabir.K and Arun Das.S|Pages: 17-21|Download Pdf|India|

Analysis of  Biochemical  Parameters  as  Tolerance  Index  of  Some  Chosen  Plant Species of Bhadravathi Town
Hina Kousar, Nuthan Kumar. D, Pavithra. K and Adamsab. M. Patel|Pages: 11-16|Download Pdf|India|

Perturbations in Global Nitrogen Cycle – Causes and Consequences: A Review
S.K. Tripathi|Pages: 5-10|Download Pdf|India|

Environmental  Challenges  with  the  Production  of  Biofuels  in  India  and  its implications  for Food Security: A Preliminary Review
Poonam Khurana, Manisha, Nidhi Chatterjee and Rishi Pal Malik|Pages: 1-4|Download Pdf|India|