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Land Use / Land Cover Change Detection Studies over 25 years using Geoinformatics: A Case Study of Rambiara Catchment, Kashmir
Aamir Bin Masood and Prof. Ashok K. Pandit|Pages: 166-170|Download Pdf|

Diagnostic Analysis of Water Harvesting Techniques and Small-Scale Irrigation Systems on Some Selected Woreda in North Shewa Zone
Tesfa Worku and Tsigemariam Bashe| Pages: 155-165|Download Pdf|

Application of Smart Community Indicators in New Egyptian Communities
A Case Study: Smart Village, Greater Cairo, Egypt
Abeer Ahmed Mohamed Abd-Elkawy|Pages: 143-154|Download Pdf|

Municipal Solid Wastes Management Technologies – A Case Study
Saurabh Kumar Dixit, Suman Bhatnagar, Kaberi Sharma, Vijay Bhatnagar|Pages: 134-142|Download Pdf|

A Systematic Compilation of IUCN Red-listed Threatened Plant Species in Nigeria
Borokini, T.I|Pages:104-133|Download Pdf|