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Efficient Management Applications for Boosting Dental Practice: A Review
Rakesh Kumar Singh & Ranjan Singh| Pages: 113-119|Download Pdf|

Cassava: A Potential Crop for Industrial Raw Material in Nigeria
Jackson B.A, Oladipo N.O and Agaja M.O.|Pages: 105-112|Download Pdf|

Evaluation of the Proximate and Anti-nutritional Qualities of Ihu (Dioscorea dumentorum)
Nwosu, J. N., Odimegwu, N., Ofoedu, C.,E, Ibeabuchi, J. C.Olawuni,I,A  and Ikeli, K.|Pages: 92-104|Download Pdf|

Immunological Studies on P53 Expression by Using Different Mono Clonal Antibodies and Various Carcinoma Cell Lines
Zakaria Teleb, Gerhard Unteregger, Thomas Zwergel, and Mathias Montenarh|Pages: 75-91|Download Pdf|