Evaluation of Different Chemical Fungicides and Microbial Antagonists to Control Storage Mycoflora of Pongamia pinnata seeds
Pooja Arya1, Suresh Chandra Tiwari1, Amit Pandey|Pages: 154-163|Download article|

 Macroscopic  Algal  Growths  and  Concomitant Micromycetes in the Agrocenosis of Adjara, Georgia.
O. Shainidze*, G.Beridze, A. Murvanidze and G. Chkhubadze|Pages:164-167|Download article|

 Identification and Comparison of Volatile Constituents of Himalayan Phytofood; Allium auriculatum Kunth and its Antimicrobial Activity
Kamal K. Pande1, Lata Pande2 Anshulika Upadhyaya1 Bharat Pande3 and Atul Pujari|Pages: 168-172| Download article

Enumeration of Angiospermic plants in Pokabandh areas of Bishnupur, Bankura, West Bengal, India
Asish Mandal, Sanju Dutta and Shyamal Kanti Mallick|Pages: 173-177|Download article|

Review on Microbial Xylanases and their Applications
Asish Mandal|Pages: 178-187|Download article|

 Impact of Brewery-Distillery effluent on germination, seedling growth and pigments of Cicer arietinum L. variety GNG1958
Kirti Pandita and Piyush Malaviya|Pages: 188-191|Download article|

 Habitual Green Tea Intake and Effects on Blood Glucose and Blood Lipids of Diabetic Rats
Bede E. N., Mmuoasinam B. C., Kabuo N. O., Peter-Ikechukwu A. I., and Amandikwa C|Pages: 192-196|Download article|