International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
Vol 8 Issue 1; ISSN: 2277-1948; SJ Impact Factor: 5.416
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Pananjay Kartikey Tiwari

Watershed Management in the Headwater Catchments of Kiliki River, Nagaland, India: A Review
Authors: Nukshienla Imchen, Vika V. Zhimo and M. S. Rawat
Key words:
Shifting Cultivation, Environment, Watershed Management, Sustainable Development, Headwater Catchments, Nagaland

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On the Deficiency of Disjoint Union of Multicyclic and Acyclic Graphs
Author: H. U Afzal & M. Aslam
Key words: 
Super edge-magic deficiency, cycle, forest.
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Village Information System (VIS): A Step towards Rural Development in the Indian Himalayan Region
Author: R.K. Singh, Deepika Bisht and R.C. Sundriyal
Key words: Village Information System, VIS, Database, Decision Support System, Participatory Rural Appraisal, Rural Development.

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