International Journal of Life Sciences
Vol 8 Issue 4; ISSN: 2277-193x; SJ Impact Factor: 5.416

Species bioecology and growth development of genus Cyclamen  adzharicumin the South Colchis
Authors: Elza Makaradze, Natela Varshanidze, Inga Diasamidze,  Ketevan Dolidze, Nazi Turmanidze, Eteri Jakeli
Cyclamen, population, bioecology

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Chemical Study of various Blueberry varieties introduced in Georgia
Authors: Meri Khakhutaishvili; Indira Djaparidze; Maia Vanidze and Aleko Kalandia
Blueberry, antioxidant, common phenols.
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The study of the content of Carbohydrates, Organic acids, Vitamin C in some varieties of Tangerine juice introduced in Ajara using High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
Inga Kartsivadze; Aleko Kalandia; Maia Vanidze; Merab Ardzenadze and Darejan Chikovani
Tangerine juice, carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamin C, HPLC
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Role of Integra in Post-traumatic Foot defects: A Case Report
Author: Mahmoud Farouk Elsagheer
Keywords: Integra-Foot defects-Post traumatic- Foot reconstruction- Dermal template- Dermal subsistitute
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Comparison between Non Fasting and Fasting Lipogram Impact on Severity of Coronary Artery Disease
 Tarek Saeed ZoElFakar; ElSayed Mohamed Farag; Ismail Mohamed Ibrahim and Karim Mohamed Mahdy
Fasting lipogaram, non -fasting lipogram, coronary artery diseases
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The Effect of Calretinin Immunostaining as Adjunctive to Hematoxylin and Eosin in Improving the Diagnosis of Hirschsprung Disease
 Hany M. Embaby, Ayman A. AlBaghdady, Marwa M Shakweer, Suzan Talaat, Hisham Abd ElKader, M. El Sherbeeny, M. Hisham
Full thickness rectal biopsy, split thickness rectal biopsy, Calretinin, IHC immunohistochemistry, H&E Hematoxylin and eosin.

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Evaluation of Recurrence of Breast Cancer after Conservative Breast Surgery Compared with Modified Radical Mastectomy in Triple Negative Patients
Authors:  Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Helmy Shehab; Amr H. Afifi MD and Ammar Elsayed Mohamed Kamal Elkhamy
Breast Cancer – Triple Negative Patients – Radical Mastectomy
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Ultrasound in the Detection of Congenital Neurological Anomalies: A retrospective Evaluation of the Two-dimensional versus three/Four-Dimensional Ultrasound  

Author: Khalid Mohamed Basal
Ultrasound; Malformations; Fetal; Congenital; Three-Dimensional.

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