International Journal of Basic and Applied SciencesIJBAS
Vol 6 Issue 3ISSN: 2277-1921; SJ Impact Factor: 5.42
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Pananjay Kartikey Tiwari
Contents                                            Cover Page

1. Doppler Study of Foetal Middle Cerebral Artery and Umbilical Artery in Prediction of Neonatal outcome in Preeclampsia
Hala Metwally Mohamed Orabi| Pages: 67-70|Download Pdf|Egypt|

2. Combination of First Trimester Maternal Plasma Homocysteine and Uterine artery Doppler Velocimetry for Perinatal Outcome
Khaled Mohamad Basal|Pages: 71-76|Download Pdf|Egypt|

3. Determinants for Frequency of Fungicide Applications against Chili Anthracnose (Colletotrichum capsici (Syd.) in Southern Ethiopia
Serawit Handiso* and Tesfaye Alemu|Pages: 77-82|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

4. Total Phenolic Compound, Antioxidant Activity of Cultivated Ethiopian Ruta Chalepensis Crude Extract and its Essential oils.
Keresa Defa, Gizachew Shiferaw and Sisay Feleke|Pages: 83-91|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

5. Development of a Low Cost Digital Turbine Water Flow Meter for Irrigation Farm
Awu J. I., C. C. Mbajiorgu,  O. Michael, D.D. James, F.O. Anyaeji, F. A. Willoughby, and C.K. Eneh|Pages: 92-97|Download Pdf|Nigeria|

6. Effect of Micro-sprinkler Irrigation Application Efficiency for Okro (Abelmoschus esculentus) Farming
James David D., J. I. Awu, N. Y. Pamdaya, and M. Y. Kasali|Pages: 98-103|Download Pdf|Nigeria|

 7. Histological and Ultrastructural Valuation of the Protective Role of Taurine Supplementation in Attenuating 5-Fluorouracil-Induced Thyrotoxicity in Adult Male Albino Rats
Hanaa R. Aboelwafa|Pages: 104-111|Download Pdf|Egypt|

8. Influences of Cultural Practices against Sweet Potato Weevil (Cylas puncticollis Boheman) (Coleoptera: Brentidae) in Wolaita Zone of Southern Ethiopia
Serawit Handiso, Alemu Zeleke and Melku Dagnachew|Pages: 112-117|Download Pdf|Ethiopia|

 9. Seasonal Variations of Physico chemical characteristics of Water   in Koramagudda Kere Lakkavalli range of Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary Mid-Western Ghat Region India
Raghavendra Gowda H. T and  Vijayakumara|Pages: 118-124|Download Pdf|India|

 10. Measurement of Radioactivity and Heavy Metals in Refinery Effluents from petroleum Refining Companies in Egypt
Hassan, H.B; Salama, S*and Ahmed, A. Taha|Pages: 125-128|Download Pdf|

 11. Histological and Ultrastructural Studies on the Stomach of Hemiechinus auritus, Cavia porcellus and Mustela nivalis in Relation to their Diet
Hanaa R. Aboelwafa; Fatma M.A. Taki-El-Deen and Samia M.I. Sakr|Pages: 129-138|Download Pdf|