International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
Vol 8 Issue 2; ISSN: 2277-1921; SJ Impact Factor: 5.416
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Pananjay Kartikey Tiwari

A Note on Magic Sum of Dijoint Union of Graphs
Author: H.U Afzal
Keywords: Magic sum, cycle, forest, prism, .Rural Development.
Pages: 21-24; Download Pdf

On Edge- Antimagic Total Labeling of Dually Connected Graphs
Author: H.U Afzal
Keywords: Edge-antimagic total labeling, dual graphs, connected graphs.
Pages: 25-29; Download Pdf

Sonographic Cervical Length to Differentiate True from False Labor in term patients
Authors: Khattab Abd Elhalim Omar, Walaa Mohammad ElBasuone, Ahmad Abo El Maaty Ibrahim El Gammal
Keywords: Labor pain, cervical length
Pages: 30-34; Download Pdf